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Happy New Year, Bring On 2021!

Happy new year

2020 has been a crap year for everyone and I think we are all glad to be turning over a new leaf in the new year. I think we are all hoping that the new vaccines being rolled out will mean that we will be able to start turning to some sort of normality soon. But with there still so much uncertainty, it’s tricky to make plans and set goals for 2021.

Harsh Realities

2020 wasn’t just a bad year for me because of Covid. But I also had to face the hard facts that Scottie is never going to be able to cope with regular ridden work. He should be okay with light hacking as long as we are careful, but my hopes of competing and even having lessons with him have gone.

Obviously, I am really lucky to still have him. he’s such a fantastic personality and everyone just adores him. He will spend the rest of his days with me, doing as much as he is capable of. But it is sad to think that some of the things I have always wanted to do won’t be happening any time soon.

Entertaining Scottie

So with competitive plans out the window for the foreseeable future, my aim for Scottie is too keep him comfortable and entertained. In an ideal world, he would be living out in a herd. But I love my yard and it’s so close to home. I can’t decide if it is worth looking for yards further afield right now or not. We are both happy where we are.

I am hoping to start hacking over the summer when the weather is nicer and hopefully Scottie is more comfortable. I am also wanting to start spending more time teaching him tricks to keep his mind busy. He seems to enjoy learning them and is always happier when he’s got a job to do.

A New Riding Partner

In an ideal world, I would be looking for a second horse to join Scottie who could be my new riding horse. But unfortunately I am in no position to keep a second horse right now. While if I moved yards and had Scottie living out full time I could potentially afford it. But I really should be thinking about the future and saving up for a house so I can move out of my parents house…

So instead next year, once Scottie is back hacking and in a routine again, I want to start looking for a horse to share a few days a week nearby. I haven’t thought too much about this yet, I just think it would be good to find a horse I could ride a few days a week, maybe have some lessons on. Obviously I will keep you all updated with this.


My only goal for EquiPepper next year is to keep going and hopefully I will pick up a bit more. I have found it really hard recently to keep writing regularly. Mainly because with so little happening with Scottie it’s hard to know what to say. But I am hoping as life slowly returns to normal, I will get myself back into the swing of it.

What are your plans and goals for 2021?

Last Updated on 18/02/2021

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