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8 perfect Valentine’s gift ideas for horsey partners

valentines gifts for horsey parnters

If you are the non horsey other half to a crazy horse lover, it can be tricky trying to find the right Valentine’s gift for them. You want to get them something they will love and something to show you support their passion for horses, even if you have no interest in them yourself. Luckily we have found 10 perfect Valentine’s gift ideas for that special horsey person in your life.

Horse Themed Jewellery

Why not combine a classic Valentine’s day gift, jewellery, with their love for horses? I personally love anything from Pegasus Jewellery. There are casual every day pieces such as the vitality bracelets and inspo bangles. But also more detailed pieces for special occasions. I am a huge fan of the vitality bracelets, read the review, and I seem to be collecting all the inspo bangles too!

If you don’t feel that a horsey theme is enough to make the jewellery special, perhaps something made from their horse’s hair. I love the look of Tail End Jewellery for this. If you are sneaky enough to chop some of the horse’s hair yourself you can choose a piece and commission it yourself. But they also offer gift cards if you would rather not face the fallout of giving the horse a bad haircut.

pegasus jewellery bangles

Canvas or framed photos

If you know they have a favourite photo of their horse or a competition, you could get this blown up on a canvas or framed. They can then put it somewhere they can always see it. Virtually any online photo printer offers canvas and framed photos. I love my canvas’ of Scottie, I ordered them from PhotoBox.

scottie canvas

A Pamper

Owning horses is hard and horse owners rarely look after themselves as well as they do their horses. A pamper is something they would probably never do for themselves, but they probably need it! Plus you can choose a treat you think they will appreciate the most!

A morning off

Could you arrange a morning off from the yard? It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s day morning, but maybe a coupon for a morning off. Depending how horse confident you are, you could do the morning jobs at the yard, or you ask a friend or pay a local groom. You can then treat your partner to a nice lazy morning, maybe breakfast in bed.

A Spa day

Either an actual spa or a home spa experience. Maybe you buy some nice bath salts and lotions, run them a nice bath and pour them a glass of something bubbly. You could combine this with some products aimed specifically at horse owners such as Stable Hands hand cream.

a romantic setting in the bathroom
Photo by Taryn Elliott on Pexels.com

Their favourite Matchy Matchy gift card

Are they obsessed with matching saddle pads and bandages? While you might struggle to find the right set for them, you should be able to find their favourite brand and buy them a gift card for their next set. That is unless they have been hinting heavily about a certain colour. A popular brand to start with is Le Mieux.

do horses respond to clicking. Online Dressage

Mystery Gift Box

Subscription boxes are a great gift idea, especially if you aren’t sure what to buy. My Horse Box has boxes focused on horses and horse care, with the occasional extra for the owner such as socks, gloves etc. I reviewed an early box of theirs. Whereas Forelock and Fringe has a mixture of things for both horse and owner, often including horse treats and alcohol. Both companies offer a gift subscription for a few months and also one off mystery boxes.

Emily Cole for every occasion

I love Emily Cole’s artwork. They are all over social media and are spot on when it comes to horse ownership. I would be shocked if your horsey other half has never come across them before. They have these prints on everything from mugs, to notepads to oven gloves. So there really is something for everyone.

emily cole wash bag

A lesson with a top rider

There are so many clinics and lessons available with top riders. Ask them who are some of the people they would like to have a lesson with and look them up. You don’t have to book the date for the lesson then and there. Many of them offer vouchers what can be redeemed for a date what suits them the best.

scottie jumping

Horsey Photoshoot

For many of us horse owners, we love shows for the photos! It’s not often our horse is spotless and we look presentable. Even if the show doesn’t go as well as we had hoped, we usually get at least one really nice photo of the day. I think horsey photoshoots are a great present for any horse owner.

Not only does your other half get to have some professional photos with their horse(s) without the added pressure of competing, most photographers can also include dogs to create their perfect fur family photo. There are so many photographers to choose from and your choice will most likely be based on location. If you are struggling to find one, just try #equinephotography on Instagram. But this is one of my favourite accounts.

Last Updated on 22/12/2021

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