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Trying Wood Pellet Bedding

wood pellet bedding

Wood pellets are a bit like marmite, people either love them or hate them. I have always been a bit negative about them. While I knew they were great for certain horses, I always thought the beds looked a bit stingy. After all, we all like to see our horses having a nice big bed to lay down in.

Scottie has been in a lot more this winter due to the horrible weather and the cardboard bedding I have been using just doesn’t seem up to the job without doubling the amount I am using. Obviously I could double up, but then it stops being cheap, which is the whole reason I started using it in the first place!

After a few other people on the yard started using wood pellets, I thought they would be a good thing to try, even if I mixed them in with shavings. I bought enough bags to put a base down while I used the rest of my cardboard bedding on top. And so far I am really pleased with the results.

putting down a wood pellet base

Even mixed in with cardboard, it is really easy to muck out every day. The poo sits neatly on top, so you can scoop it up without lots of bedding. Plus it is so absorbent that you don’t need to take the wee out every day.

I am struggling a little bit with how often I need to be taking the wet out. Everyone seems to do something a bit different. I am aiming to take wet out once a week. But think I need to build the bed up a bit more first as some days the wet is too near the top so I need to take it out.

I have put my last bag of cardboard in and have found a really good deal on a big pallet of wood pellets. So I am going to order a pallet this pay day. Then once this has arrived I want to put 3 or 4 bags in to make the bed a bit bigger and have some small banks.

Do any of you have any wood pellet tips and tricks?

white horse energy wood pellet bedding

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Last Updated on 28/07/2022

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