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Mochara Belt Bag Review

mochara belt bag

Brand new from Mochara is their ingenious belt bag. I recently received one to review and I just think they are the perfect accessory for competing!

Solo Competing

I used to ride to a lot of my competitions and I wouldn’t always have a helper on the ground. So I would either have to ride in a backpack and ask to leave it with a steward while I warmed up and went into the ring, or I would have to tuck everything into those tiny pockets what usually come with your breeches. Not only was this often uncomfortable, but it also looked like I had developed a strange growth!

I quickly decided the bum bag was the way to go. I could put everything away neatly under my jacket with minimal lumps and bumps. But there was a bit of movement of the strap around my waist/hips and the best bumbags I found weren’t always the most… elegant. So when they were flashed during a round of jumping they could easily draw the eye. But this gorgeous bag from Mochara solves both those problems!

mochara belt bag

Secure Attachment

As the name suggests, the belt bag attaches to your belt. It has two loops on the back which you can thread your belt through when you put it on. This means once it is in place, there is no need to adjust where it is sitting just before you go into the ring or any chance of it twisting around your body over a jump.

Show Colours

It comes in four colours, all are perfect for under your show jacket; black, navy, stone and white. So you can either match to your jacket or your breeches. Making it much more in keeping with smart show wear.

Just the right size

I also think it is just the right size for all the essentials you need at show, without being so big that you feel tempted to over fill it. It can easily fit a phone, keys, cash for entries/snacks and a packet of polos. You could also add a few tissues or one or two wet wipes without the bag bulging out too much. And after all, what more do really need as an essential?

British weather resistant

The belt bag is also made from the same technical material used in Mochara’s breeches. It’s lightweight, durable, stain resistant and quick drying. Perfect for those shows in suboptimal conditions!

While I personally think the bag is too smart for day to day use, at just Β£25, it’s not too precious for it. Plus the material should be more than up to the job for every day use with horses. But if you regularly compete without helpers on the ground, I really think it is worth looking at!

Last Updated on 15/03/2024

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