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Introducing NETTEX V.I.P. Miracle Mare

NETTEX V.I.P Miracle Mare

She’s got this!

I recently attended a webinar hosted by NETTEX about the seasonal mare and how our management could be making these behaviours worse. I found this webinar fascinating and feel like I learnt so much from it. But that wasn’t all they talked about, they also introduced us to a brand new product aimed at helping the seasonal mare, V.I.P Miracle Mare.

Compelling Research

I am usually really sceptical about supplements. There is often little or no research into what effect they actually have on the horse. But I found the research behind NETTEX V.I.P Miracle Mare really interesting. The main ingredient is Wheatgerm Extract, which multiple studies have found have a positive effect on mares in oestrus.

One study gave mares behaviour scores of 1-5, 1 being normal, 5 being extremely bad. Since mares do not come into season over the winter, they used this as a base layer for their normal behaviour. The winter average was 1.64. They then compared this to what the mares scored over the summer, when they are cycling in and out of season. The summer average was 4.36.

They ran several different tests on feeding the supplement during the summer; continuingly feeding the supplement, feeding ever other month, only feeding after the mare started to show worse behaviour. In each scenario the scores of the mares behaviours decreased to around the winter average, showing an improvement in their behaviour.

Typically, horses responded between 36-48 hours after supplementing. But some had noticeable improvements after just a few hours!


There is no magnesium in this supplement, instead focusing on the research behind wheatgerm extract. They have also included some natural botanicals; Chasteberry, Chamomile, Vervain and Red Clover, which have a positive effect on hormonal balance in humans. Unfortunately there isn’t much research into botanicals in horses. All ingredients are competition legal, meaning you can feed it while competing.

NETTEX V.I.P Miracle Mare

Feeding Instructions

How you feed V.I.P Miracle Mare to your horse really depends on their behaviour. They recommend starting to feed in March before they start cycling until around October after their last cycle. But if your mare only has undesirable behaviour for a few days a month, you can just feed during that time. Alternatively, if your mare can be hormonal all year round, you can continue to feed it all year round.

The average horse needs 2 scoops a day and you don’t need a loading dose at the start.

Meet Jojo

Obviously Scottie is a gelding, so I can’t try the product on him. But his best friend Jojo is the perfect candidate for V.I.P Miracle Mare. She is quite hormonal, almost stallion like at times. She can be nippy, sensitive to being touched and a bugger going in and out of the field when she is particularly hormonal.

We are a small yard with limited turnout options. Jojo and Scottie used to be in a field together and they got on well. But after Scottie got a nasty kick they have had to be separated. She is horrible to Scottie, but also hates when Scottie isn’t there. She calls to him when they are separated until you go and get him, and once he is there will pull a face and threaten to bite him.

In the past she has responded well to Regumate. But understandably, her owner isn’t too keen on feeding her this regularly. So we are both really excited to see how she responds to V.I.P Miracle Mare, it could make both our lives easier, and she might not be so horrible to Scottie!

I will keep you updated with how she responds to V.I.P Miracle Mare. But in the meantime, if any of you had seasonal mares, I would seriously consider trying this.

Last Updated on 06/03/2021

2 thoughts on “Introducing NETTEX V.I.P. Miracle Mare”

  1. Hi
    I’m looking at this product for my mare. She is a nightmare and has to be on regumate all season!!
    Wondering how you got on as I use oestress and a calmer so looking for something that supports and combine the 2 actions I’m looking for.

    1. Hi,

      We did see an improvement in Jo’s behaviour. She was on it for probably about 3-4 months. I definitely noticed less grumpy nippy behaviour. But her owner decided to put her in foal, so she came off it fairly early in the year.

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