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Horse Search’s Top Tips to writing the perfect Horse Sale advert

horse search tips for writing a perfect horse sale advert

Ever wondered how to write the perfect horse sale advert? Well wonder no more! Nicki from Horse Search has shared their top tips on writing the perfect horse advert.

1) Write an eye-catching headline! 

When we are reading a paper or scrolling online it is the headline that draws our attention and makes us decide whether we want to read on further. 

So, whether it be a Dressage horse or a Hunter you are planning to advertise a catchy but appropriate headline is the perfect place to start. You may either just add the horses main credentials (age, height, etc.) and name for a more personal feel, or, make it a more eye-catching headline. 

Examples include: 

  • Eye-catching & talented young mare 
  • Smart, Rising 4yo, gelding, by Big Star 
  • Quality genuine Allrounder 
  • Talented young future eventer. 
horse search tips for writing a perfect horse sale advert

2) Add the Horses Main Credentials! 

By ‘credentials’ we mean the horses, age, height (most people work in hands), colour, sex, breed, and your location. 

Also the category and discipline they are best suited to, or have experience in, on Horse Search you can add as many categories as you deem suitable for the horse you are advertising. 

3) Add the price! 

This one is important for obvious reasons, in order to buy something, you need to know how much of a dent in your wallet it is going to make. If as a buyer you have a strict budget then there is no point in wasting your time searching for horses and messaging people to find out the price if it’s likely to be out of your budget. 

Facebook is a great time waster for finding out prices, since the ban on advertising people still place posts on Facebook, however, just to end up receiving tens, if not hundreds of comments asking for the price after which if the price of the horse is out of a lot of peoples budgets it therefore is wasting a lot of time for both parties.

A lot of potential buyers that see POA (Price on Application) assume that the horse is in a higher price brand and as a result do not even bother to enquire. 

4) Add great photos! 

Adverts without photos are much less likely to get clicked on and with our mobile phones almost constantly in our pockets it is easier than ever to get pictures. One blurry, low quality photo is not enough. 

Also making sure the horse is clean, groomed and presented well. 

On Horse Search you can add up to 5 photos of your horse, so you could add a headshot, a conformation shot (a full body picture of the horse from the side), a flatwork and or jumping photo. I think it is important to add relevant photos, for example if the horse is a hunt horse a photo of it at a meet or jumping a hedge would be a head turner, whereas you wouldn’t be expecting a jumping shot of an advertised dressage horse. 

Also, make sure the photos are ‘true to life’. If you have ever had the experience of online dating then you’lll know how exacerbating it can be when the person has ‘missold’ themselves and is not as they presented themselves to be in their photos. It is the same for horses, make sure you get recent photos of the horse and they are best matched to the horses ability, discipline, current fitness level, and so on. 

horse search tips for writing a perfect horse sale advert

5) Add some videos! 

With the easy use of video editor, it is simpler than ever to get some clips of the horse or pony to be advertised, whether this be at a recent competition or schooling at home. I think doing a compilation video of the horse on the yard, being tacked, trotting up, being mounted, as well as riding and hacking is great if you have the time. 

Plus, this will potentially save time in people viewing the horse that may not be suitable had they of seen a video, therefore leading to you much more likely to find a suitable partner for the horse. 

On Horse Search you can add links to youtube for no extra charge. With people buying horse unseen being more common than ever currently this is much more likely to be requested so having something ready made up to send out will save hassle over time. 

6) Write a detailed description! 

Where there is often no text limit on advertising it is also important not to ramble on and get to the point. 

Bullet points can be a brilliant way to keep the advert looking neat and easy to read.

Start with a opening line that compliments the horse and gives the potential buyer a good idea of what the horse is suited to, for example: 

“Charlie is an incredibly versatile young horse he has all the ability and the brain to make a successful BE prospect, however he is also careful enough to purely show jump and is ready for a new owner to have a fun and competitive time with” 

Following on you should also add: 

  • The horses competition history (as well as when last competed) and other activities the horse may have done like fun rides and so on. 
  • The horse’s temperament and how it is to handle (Shoe, box, travel, clip etc.) Whether the horse is good to hack, alone and in company and in traffic. 
  • The type of rider the horse may suite, for example a young inexperienced horse would not be suitable for a novice. 
  • Add how long you have owned the horse and why you are now selling it. 

7) Add any relevant health issues! 

Whether this be stereotypical behaviours, head shaking, previous serious injuries, sweet itch and other skin conditions, laminitis, it is essential that you the buyer knows what they are taking on. 

Be obvious about the horses ability and highlight his good points as well as his true potential. Be truthful about any health issues, behavioural issues or conformation faults. 

A lot of these questions all get covered during vetting if you choose to do one. But again, to avoid time wasting and money, it is best to put any issues to light before it gets to that stage. 

8) Be honest. 

Our horse’s welfare should always be number one priority, and we need to be honest when we sell them and in how we write the adverts. 

I believe there is an owner for every horse and dishonesty when selling is unfair to the horse and the potential purchaser and can often lead to said horse being passed around. 

We need to become more selfless when selling horses, be open and honest in how we approach selling and buying.

This hopefully increases the chance of the horse finding a great new home, where you can feel confident in knowing the horse and new rider/owner will have a great time, have fun and enjoy caring for and riding their new horse. 

horse search tips for writing a perfect horse sale advert

We hope this helps you to be able to write a great advert when selling your horse or pony, you can follow Horse Search on Facebook or Instagram. Horse Search is a quick, simple and easy place to advertise Horses and Ponies for sale, ‘Add your own listing’ today!!

Last Updated on 18/03/2021

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