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Switching Cecil to Lily’s Kitchen dog food

Cecil with his Lily's Kitchen dog food

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As a dog owner, I find choosing the right food for your dog a bit of a minefield. There is so much conflicting advice out there with vets recommending certain brands and dog nutrition experts promoting raw over everything else. Who do you go with? We recently switched Cecil onto Lily’s Kitchen dog food and have seen great results so far.

Que Cecil

Cecil and Scottie at the yard

If you follow us on social media you will have seen a lot of Cecil already. But for those of you who haven’t “met” him, let me introduce him. Cecil is our family dog. He is a wirehaired Hungarian Viszla. He is nearly 2 and just loves to be involved in EVERYTHING! He really enjoys coming to the yard and hates it when i take him and there is no one there to play with.

But Cecil is also a sensitive soul. He has a very sensitive stomach. Anything too rich either goes right through him or comes straight back up. There are lots of treats and food he can’t have, or at the bare minimum, not have too much of. He has also been diagnosed with hip dysplasia. This made us rethink his diet and nutrition, putting him on a joint supplement from YuMOVE and researching what makes a dog food good.

I found a really helpful website what lets you compare over 2000 different dog foods. You can search by food type, brand, hypoallergenic and nutritional score. After finding this website I realised what we were currently feeding Cecil only scored 38% for the website nutritional score. This for us was really the kick we needed to look at changing his diet.

Why we chose Lily’s Kitchen

When we were looking at popular good nutrition choices, the most popular seems to be the raw diet. We don’t have a problem with raw but we didn’t feel it was the right choice for Cecil. There are a few reasons for this, one being that he can be quite sensitive to lot’s of things you usually find in a typical raw diet. But also, it is more work and there can be a risk of salmonella. So we wanted to stick to a complete food instead.

We have always been aware of Lily’s Kitchen. Our dogs have always had the occasional Lily’s Kitchen treat, Cecil had their bedtime biscuits as a puppy and loves their meat treats. We knew that their products are good quality and perfect for dogs with allergies as we knew the rough story behind the brand. So we already had a lot of trust in the company.

When comparing their dry food to the food we had been feeding, it was in another league. Lily’s Kitchen Countryside Casserole has a nutrition score of 77%. It’s also hypoallergenic made with natural ingredients. Depending what flavour of dry food you go for, there are also extra benefits such as; bone and joint support, immune system boost, prebiotics and lower fat. I also really like how they breakdown what is in each recipe, showing you a plate of the raw ingredients on the website.

We LOVE Lily’s Kitchen

Since Lily’s Kitchen is really easy to get hold of, we picked up a small bag of Country Casserole from the supermarket to see if he liked it and got on ok with it. Needless to say, he loves it. Not only does his digestion seem to be better, but I can’t remember him ever being so excited for his dinner as he is now. We were so happy with it, we ordered some more food online so we had a good supply. The delivery was really quick and by DPD. Can’t fault the service at all. I think it arrived within 3 days of ordering.

Cecil loves his lily's kitchen dog food

After sharing the above photo of Cecil posing with his new food, Lily’s Kitchen sent us another box of goodies. Cecil got to try more of their treat range; Chomp-Away Chicken Bites, The Best Ever Beef Mini Burgers and his favourite the Scrumptious Duck & Venison Sausages. These treats look tempting even to us!

With the treats we also got a top up of Countryside Casserole dry food, a can of limited edition Easter Feast and a packet of WoofBrush. How lovely is the idea of having a special can of food for your dog’s Easter lunch? Cecil loved this little wet food topping alongside his usual dry food. The WoofBrush is their version of a dental chew and it’s the first thing Cecil had out of his delivery. He even managed to open the packet before I got to take a nice photo of everything! He’s had one nearly every day since and we will be ordering some more to help keep his teeth pearly white.

Cecil posing with his Lily's Kitchen goodies

Last Updated on 09/07/2021

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