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Just Strong Joggers Review

Just Strong Joggers Review

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Earlier this year I treated myself to a lot of new Just Strong wear. I am not very good at actually buying clothes for myself. But with me now working from home indefinitely, it seemed like the right time to treat myself to some new loungewear, including 2 pairs of joggers from Just Strong. I LOVE them!

Jet Black Just Strong Joggers

This pair is the thicker and perhaps more traditional jogger of the two. They remind me of joggers we used to have for school PE uniform. I tend to wear them when the weather is a bit colder. Despite, getting the same size in these as I did the Heather Joggers, these are tighter. I wouldn’t say they come up small, as the waist and ankles etc are pretty loose. Just that they aren’t as baggy in style as the others.

These are the cheaper of the two, at £32. I also think this perhaps shows. Despite being worn a little less than the Heather joggers, the Just Strong Joggers are starting to show a bit of wear on the seams. This isn’t a deal breaker for me as I do wear my clothes to death. It could perhaps be due to the slightly tighter fit rather than a quality issue.

Just Strong Joggers

Heather Minimal Print Joggers

These are possibly my favourite of the two. They are a bit thinner and have a really cosy fluffy lining. I also think they come up a bit baggier, and I love my joggers to be a bit baggy. I wear these more than my other pair and on cold days at the yard will wear a pair of leggings under them and they are plenty warm enough.

I really like baggy joggers, so I sized up to make sure they are baggy enough. This has meant they are a tiny bit big around the waist. But since they have the draw strings this really isn’t a problem as it can go as small as you need. I don’t think you would need to size up at all if you don’t mind them not being really baggy.

At £40 they are a bit pricy but I am so pleased with them. They are standing up really well to being put through their paces at the yard. When we have a cold spell I wear them most days either on their own or over leggings. They also come in a few different colours, I have the navy but they also come in grey and white.

Heather Just Strong Joggers

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Last Updated on 15/03/2024

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