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Boot tassels for every occasion

grey boot tassels on navy reginas fairfax and favor

I love Fairfax & Favor boots and one of the main reasons why is the interchangeable boot tassels. Yes if you buy the right colour boot, they really can go with any outfit. I have tan and navy Regina’s and between the two they literally go with everything I own. But being able to swap the tassels means you can tie the whole outfit together. If you are wearing a completely different colour on top, you can swap the boot tassels to a matching colour to tie them together.


country design studio boot tassels

Custom made from Country Design Studios, who are sadly no longer running. However premade tassels are still available from their sister company. But I love them with my tan Regina’s to match this gorgeous mustard coat from Tesco and gun dog shirt. They have little pointer pins on them, making them a bit special.


navy boot tassels

I quite like tan and navy together and quite often swap them around. I like navy tassels on my tan Regina’s, usually with navy jeans or dress.


Tan boot tassels

Since I like swapping my tan and navy around, it’s not surprising that I like to have my tan tassels on my navy Regina’s. I have a really nice caramel jumper I like to pair with my navy boots and tan tassels. I’ve also bought a caramel dress for days at the races which I hope to pair these with too.

Forest Green

forest green boot tassels

Since dark green is in all of my branding, I just had to have the Forest Green tassels from Fairfax and Favor. I prefer these on my tan Regina’s and will wear them on my Explorers once I finally manage to get my hands on a pair. I think they go perfectly with my branded wear for horsey days out. But I also own plenty of green to pair them with.


country design studio boot tassels

These are another custom made pair from Country Design Studios. I asked for them in this colour with a racehorse pin to match the colours of the Owners Group, the syndicate company I own shares in racehorses through. I think I got the colour match pretty spot on! I love these on my navy Regina’s.


zebra fairfax and favor boot tassels

These are from Fairfax & Favor’s new Zebra range. They are calf hair instead of suede. I LOVE them! It’s not usually the sort of thing I go for. But after seeing them appear online, I remembered this zebra blazer I bought years ago and left at the back of my wardrobe. They have now had an outing with my navy Regina’s.


burgundy boot tassels

I don’t own a huge amount of burgundy but I just loved the colour of these! I have a few odd pieces they go with, like Christmas jumpers and scarves. But when I saw the burgundy tassels from Fairfax and Favor I just had to have them. I am still finding nice things to pair them with.


grey boot tassels

I really ummed and ahhhed about the grey boot tassels from Fairfax and Favor. I think maybe photos just don’t do them justice. I only treated myself to them once they went on sale. But I do really like them. I think they work really nicely against both my tan and navy boots.

I am always adding to my collection of boot tassels as I think it is what makes Fairfax and Favor boots so incredible! If you want to hear about the boots themselves, you can read my full review here. What colour is your favourite?

Last Updated on 15/03/2024

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