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Why horse owners make fantastic partners

adult woman with horse on farm pasture

You would be forgiven for thinking that horse owners are too high maintenance to make good partners. We have social stereotypes to blame for that. But you are of course wrong, horse owners make fantastic partners.

They have their own interests

Do you want o go out with your friends? Maybe have a boys/girls weekend away without them? No problem. The weekend is optimum stable times so they will probably be out with their four legged best friend anyway. Although if you are hoping for a date night or romantic weekend away, you will have to plan this in advance and work around the show season…


It’s a fact of life that things break, go wrong and you can’t always get them fixed/replaced straight away. There is no need to panic. Horse owners are practically engineers when it comes to patching things up with what you have lying around. If horses have taught me anything, it’s that you can fix nearly anything with bailing twine and duct tape.

Surprisingly low maintenance

Despite what stereotypes would have you believe, horse owners are actually quite low maintenance. After a long day at work followed by a few hours with our horse, we are more than happy to just crash on the sofa for the rest of the evening with a pizza. We don’t need pampering and quite frankly, anything too fancy and we will be silently working out how many new saddle pads we could have got for that price…

Great under pressue

When you own horses, only one of you is allowed to have a meltdown at a time, and it is never your turn! Horse owners develop a great ability to keep calm under pressure and get through it. Well at least we manage to appear calm while frantically pulling it all together.


If you work with horses, or any animal for that matter, you have to be patient. Horse owners are no different. We know that we can’t force our horses to do anything and that if we ask correctly they will eventually give us the right answer. That being said, we don’t put up with any rubbish. We can spot when we are being messed around and we won’t put up with it.

Fantastic first aiders

When you own horses you come across all kinds of injuries, both horse and human. They are a great person to have around during an accident. They will be calm, prepared and probably a bit bossy! After all, we were raised on the mentality of if you aren’t going to hospital you are getting back on the horse!

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Last Updated on 25/05/2021

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