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Just Strong Motion Leggings Review

just strong motion leggings

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I am currently living in my Motion leggings from Just Strong! I think they are my favourite part of the range. Which is impressive as I loved my Seamless Sculpt leggings. Working from home during lockdown has meant I spend a lot more time in lounge wear and have been getting a lot more use out of these leggings.

Great Fit

I think they fit really well. They are tight enough to not keep slipping down like other brands but aren’t too tight. They are not restrictive at all. I really like the material, they are nice and cool when we have warmer weather, but also still warm enough for chilly mornings at the yard.

Multiple Colours

The Motion leggings come in 4 different colours; black, grey, crimson and turquoise. I have the black, grey and crimson. Although I do have my eye on the turquoise too. The black and grey are classic legging colours and just go with so much. But if you like a bit of matchy matchy with your horse, I think the crimson matches nicely with the Le Mieux Plum and the turquoise looks like it will match the Le Mieux Peacock nicely too. While not everyone wants to ride in leggings, I do. But they are also great for long reining too.

Just strong motion leggings

Motion Leggings Have Flawless Design

There are two great design aspects of these leggings what for me, just make them perfect.


The first of these are the pockets! Before active wear became all the rage, the main downside to leggings was the lack of pockets. Then when they did start adding pockets, they were tiny and phones would just fall straight out of them. But not with the motion leggings! There are pockets on both sides and they are really deep. My phone has plenty of space in there and I never feel like it is going to fall out. Plus having two pockets means I can put my phone one side and keys the other.

Thick Waistband

The other thing I really love about the design is the thick waistband. Unlike other styles, the waistband is 3-4 inches thick. Not only does this help stop your leggings from sliding down or rising up, but I think it makes them more flattering and supportive. I am the first to admit that the combination of Scottie being out of work and lockdown has meant I have piled on a few pounds. I find the cut of the waistband helps hide, or at least flatters, my bigger belly.

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Last Updated on 15/03/2024

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