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Modern vs Traditional Rosette Colours

traditional rosette colours

We all have our own things we can be a bit funny and illogical about. You might like your horses bed to be absolutely perfect and can’t leave until it lines up perfectly. Or you might have a little pre show ritual you have to before every single show. We all have our quirks that can really bother us and might be complete nonsense to someone else. For me, it is rosettes being the right colour. I like the traditional rosette colours.

I think we are really lucky that so many shows have upped their game when it comes to rosettes. Even for small local and even online shows, you can win truly gorgeous rosettes. When I compare the rosettes I won as a kid to the rosettes I have won with Scottie, they are worlds apart. It really makes them seem so much more special and I think you are far more likely to do something nice with them.

1st placed new and traditional rosettes

Some classes now have all the rosettes the same colour, no matter what place they are. This means you get some really gorgeous rosettes and I think it can make them really special. It allows class sponsors to have rosettes handed out in their brand colours, making photos more meaningful to them. It possibly even makes sponsoring classes more appealing.

But, I am a stickler for rosettes being the right colours. To me, placed rosettes should be certain colours. Special, clear round and any other rosette can be any colour you like. But placed rosettes should be the correct colour, the traditional rosette colour. To me, these colours should be:

1st = Red
2nd = Blue
3rd = Yellow
4th = Green
5th = Pink or Orange
6th = Purple

traditional rosette colours

Now I know that certain organisations (such as Pony Club) mix these colours up a little bit, 1st is blue and 2nd is red for example. But it drives me nuts. I think this swapping colours around bothers me even more than having completely different colours entirely. As at least completely different colours aren’t confusing. But if I want to display all my 1sts together, those random blue 1sts look really out of place and wrong.

I like how some companies, such as EquiMind combine both branding with the correct place colours. They keep their brand colour of light blue, but include the correct colour in the ribbon. I think this is a great way of combining the best of both worlds. You get a really unique rosette without it looking out of place.

Is anyone else particular about rosette colours? Do you really like the new theme of not having colour specific rosettes? Or do you prefer the traditional rosette colours?

Last Updated on 11/06/2021

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