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Just weeks away from Tokyo Olympics 2020(2021)

Oliver Townend Badminton 2018 heading to tokyo olympics with Ballaghmor class

We are just weeks away from the Tokyo Olympics and with many horses already on their way, it feels like the perfect time to have a look at everything we have to look forward to.

Equestrian Schedule

The equestrian events from from Saturday 24th July to Saturday 7th August. With many of the equestrian events taking place in the evening, when it is cooler in Japan, you will be able to watch a lot of them live at a reasonable hour here in the UK. You can see the full schedule here.


The dressage is first, running from Saturday 24th July to Wednesday 28th July. The team medals will be awarded after the Grand Prix special on the 27th. The individual medals will be after the Freestyle on the 28th.


The dressage starts on Friday 30th July with the first dressage session taking place in the Morning in Japan, so night time Thursday here in the UK. The dressage is split into 3 sessions over 2 days to avoid the middle of the day. The cross country is on the 1st August, which will be over night in the UK. The show jumping will be on the 2nd, in the morning here in the UK. After the jumping both team and individual medals will be awarded.

Show Jumping

The show jumping starts on the 3rd August and runs until the 7th. The individual medals will be awarded on the 4th with the team medals being awarded on the 7th. Nearly all the jumping will be taking place in the evenings in Japan, which means morning here in the UK.

How are team and individual medals awarded?

For eventing, the team and individual competitions take place at the same time. When it comes to the show jumping, there are two rounds. One round finalises the results for the team competition and the other round finalises the results for the individual competition.

After Rio 2016, the rules changed slightly for the Tokyo Olympics. Teams are now made up of 3 riders, not 4, this is to allow more countries to compete. In eventing, eliminated riders can continue to the next phase with a penalty, as long as the vet has okayed them to do so. Horses can also be swapped out if they fail a horse inspection.

Dressage and show jumping work in a similar way, with everyone taking part in the first round to qualify for the next round. Dressage team medals are determined by the Grand Prix Special and then the individual medals are determined by the Freestyle. A big change to the show jumping is that individual medals will be decided first.

The teams with the best combined scores at the end win. For dressage, this is the highest percentage. For jumping and eventing it’s those with the lowest combined faults.

Team GB


  • Charlotte Dujardin & Gio
  • Charlotte Fry & Everdale
  • Carl Hester & En Vogue
  • Gareth Hughes & Sintano Van Hof Olympia [Reserve]


  • Laura Collett & London 52
  • Tom McEwen & Toledo de Kerser
  • Oliver Townend & Ballaghmor Class
  • Piggy March (French) & Brookfield Inocent [Reserve]

Show Jumping

  • Scott Brash & Hello Jefferson
  • Ben Maher & Explosion W
  • Holly Smith & Denver
  • Harry Charles & Romeo 88 [Reserve]

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