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Ponyo Fly Rug Review

Ponyo fly rug with happy pineapple pattern, allergies in horses

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If you love a patterned rug, then Ponyo fly rugs could be for you. I wasn’t going to get Scottie a fly rug as we just don’t seem to get on with them. They never fit properly, they slip and Scottie gets quite hot during the summer so I didn’t think he would be wearing one often enough. But Ponyo rugs have really caught my eye this year and I was so pleased with my turnout rugs. Scottie isn’t usually bothered by the flies, but for whatever reason, he has been badly affected by them this year. So it seemed like the perfect excuse to splash out on a new fly rug and I am so pleased I did!

Happy Pineapple

I went with the Pineapple pattern. While I loved the look of the dinosaur and sea creature patterns, I fell in love with the pineapple pattern before the others were even announced. I certainly made the right choice and the yellows and greens just work perfectly with Scottie’s ginger! This pattern is no longer available. But the new patterns this year follow the same rug design!

Why we love our Ponyo fly rug

Aside from the incredible pattern what just looks fantastic on Scottie, there are some features of this fly rug what I just love! And I can highly recommend one of their fly rugs.

Nice big neck

One of the biggest problems I have found with fly rugs over the years is that the necks just aren’t long enough and/or slip down the neck. Yes Scottie does have a long neck, but even sizing up rugs in the past hasn’t helped. But the neck on on my Ponyo fly rug is plenty big enough. Not only is it plenty long enough that there is still room to spare when Scottie puts his head down to graze. I also like how roomy the neck is. It’s close enough to the neck near the head that flies shouldn’t get in, but still nice and loose, not tight or restrictive.

Limited slipping

I think all fly rugs will slip on Scottie a little bit. Where he is high withered and one for rolling, his rugs are bound to move a little bit. But so far, his Ponyo fly rug has barely moved in comparison to other rugs we have tried. He came in filthy the other day after a surprise shower, so had obviously been having a good roll. but his rug had barely moved.

Double lock velcro

All the rugs I have had from Ponyo so far have double lock velcro in the front. I think this is a great feature, especially for fly rugs. There is nothing worse than rugs with no, or rubbish, velcro in the front as they just fall open when the horse moves, so while the buckles keep the rug in place, their chest is bare.

Ponyo Happy Pineapple fly rug

3 strap belly flap

I personally prefer a fly rug with a belly flap, I just think it gives them more protection from the flies. Scottie often gets bitten on his belly and girth area, so I like to be able to protect this area as much as I can. I also like how with the bigger sizes, they have 3 straps, rather than 2, meaning you don’t get that weird saggy bit in the middle of the flap.

Fillet string or leg straps

Another feature what seems to be standard with Ponyo rugs is a choice of a fillet string or leg straps. Or both together! This gives you more freedom to do what works for your horse. Some horses don’t get on with leg straps and others don’t keep their rugs in place without them.

Unfortunately, after 2 weeks of wearing this rug, Scottie has got a few rubs on his right leg from the leg strap. I’m not quite sure why this happens as a lot of his rugs, including other Ponyo rugs have leg straps and he has never had a problem. I think it is because he rolls so much that he moves the rug around and the leg strap keeps in in place. But in doing so, maybe his right strap is getting too tight and rubbing. So for now I have taken his leg straps off and just using the fillet string. This still works although I have noticed a bit more movement in the rug since.

Scottie stays cool

One of the biggest surprises I have found since Scottie started wearing his fly rug is how cool he stays. Scottie is a horse who on a hot sunny day will get sweaty armpits even when he is naked. It’s one of the biggest reasons I always um and ah about getting Scottie a fly rug. But while we haven’t had really hot days since I have had the rug, we have had a lot of hot and humid days. Scottie hasn’t been too warm when he comes in wearing the rug and there hasn’t been any sweating. I wonder if the UV protection built into the rug is also helping to keep him cool.

Matching fly mask

The matching fly masks available are not only adorable but a great design. They have soft fleece lining, structure to keep the material away from the eyes. I also think they are a really nice fit. Scottie is usually that really awkward size between cob and full. The straps on the full sized mask are usually too big for him. But this mask fits him perfectly. It is also the only mask he hasn’t managed to get off yet! I have had a message 5 mins after putting his mask on in the field to tell me he has removed it!

I think the way the mask and rug work together is genius. There is an elasticated velcro strap on the top of the neck to attach the fly rug to the head collar. But there is also a loop on the fly mask this can loop through. This means the mask helps keep the neck of the rug up and the rug helps keep the mask on, all without needing to leave a headcollar on!

Ponyo Happy Pineapple fly mask

Other great things about Ponyo fly rugs

Great size options

They come in sizes from 3’0 to 7’3. So there should be a fly rug for any of your horses!

Thoughtful design

I think some of the details they put into their designs are just perfect.

  • It has a silky lining in the neck and chest to protect them from rubbing.
  • Extra long tail flap, giving more protection from the flies.
  • Strong, durable but breathable material.

Reasonably Priced

A 6’6 rug is £59, which I think is really reasonable. Smaller than 5’0 are cheaper and 7’0+ is £65. But on the whole, I think it is very affordable for a fly rug. Especially one which so many features I really love. The matching Full fly mask is only £15.99!

Incredible Service

Unfortunately things don’t always go to plan and there is the occasional issue with products. Not long after writing this post a small hole appeared in our fly mask. It did look like a problem with the seams. I cannot fault how Ponyo dealt with it. I emailed them Wednesday evening about it and they didn’t question it at all. Saturday morning I came home to a replacement!

Ponyo Logo

I am really lucky to be one of Ponyo’s Brand Ambassadors! I love being able to support this fantastic brand. But it also means I get to offer you all a cheeky 5% discount on any Ponyo product for you, your horse or even your dog! Go on, treat yourself!

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