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5 Horse Films You Must See

5 must see horse films

Horses have been working and living alongside humans for centuries. They were eye witnesses to so many defining moments in history so it is not surprising that they have inspired so many incredible films. From wild horses to racehorses, there are so many incredible stories to be told. But these are the 5 horse films you must see.

Dog may be man’s best friend but the horse wrote history.


Black Beauty (1994)

Black Beauty is just a classic. If you ask someone to name horse films they know I would be shocked if it didn’t make the list. There have been multiple films and a long running TV series. But for me, the best and most memorable Black Beauty is the 1994 version.

Narrated by the main character, Black Beauty, it does an incredible job of not only showing the world from the point of view of a horse, it also raises the issue of the welfare of many horses. It shows the cruelty of some owners towards their horses and the accidental neglect of loving, but young stable hands.

If you haven’t watched this yet where have you been?

Dream Horse

Based on the incredible story of Dream Alliance, the Welsh National winner bred and owned by a syndicate from a poor mining town, this horse film retells that story. From how the idea came around, to breeding Dream Alliance, to seeing him on the racecourse. It really is a fantastic film and I don’t think you need to be horse lover to enjoy it at all. I went with my non horsey partner and he loved it!

While you don’t need to, I would recommend watching the documentary Dark Horse before or after the film. While the film does explain nearly everything, if you aren’t familiar with Dream Alliance the documentary might help you fill in some gaps. It also shows you just how well cast some of the actors were!

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

While it is very much a kids film, it is a classic horse film. It is a classic Cowboys vs Indians story where the Cowboys are taking over the west, including capturing and breaking the spirit of the wild horses. This film follows the life of Spirit, a wild stallion, from birth to his experiences with both the Cowboys and Indians.

Yes, it’s animated, yes it is a bit cheesey and kiddy. But I also think it is a great film that adult me can watch over and over again. It harks back to the idea that some horses can never truly be tamed and that there is something truly magical about a horse what is treated with respect rather than broken.

Running Free

This was one of my favourite horse films growing up. I used to rent it from Blockbusters every time we went! It follows a horse who goes on to be named Lucky. He was born on a ship of horses being transported to a mining town. He is separated from his mother and is saved by a young stable boy. I can’t say much more without ruining the story. But it is a film for horse lovers. It shows the bond between a boy and a horse he loves. It shows how cruel horses can be to each other and it shows how in the right environment, horses don’t need us.

Racing Stripes

A bit of a silly and light-hearted film, but I really think it is a must see! The racing world is not known for being inclusive. It can be difficult to break into when money seems to do most the talking. But when daughter of retired racehorse trainer rescues a zebra who loves to race, they find out that ability, determination and results shout louder than money.

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