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Take time for yourself!

me & Scottie 5 things horse owners won't admit, owning a horse

I take writing EquiPepper very seriously. I have a ridged schedule for when I am going to be posting new blogs and what they are going to be about. I also have a social media plan for when I am going to post on different channels and when I need to create different content. It helps me stay on track and keeps everything running smoothly.

But doing all of this on top of working full time and looking after Scottie can be exhausting. I had a long weekend away last week and used it as the perfect excuse to step away from everything blog based for a week or so. It’s been really good for me to stop and recharge.

My blog didn’t suffer! Yes I know some of my followers might have been wondering where I was. But the traffic to EquiPepper has stayed the same. My social media following hasn’t changed. When I have posted the occasional story on Instagram I am still getting the same amount of views.

So while I am starting to get back into my scheduled routine, I am going to make sure I continue to give myself these occasional breaks. They are important and they don’t damage my progress at all because I do all the hard work beforehand.

I might be a bit slow the next few weeks getting back into it. I might even decide to change my schedule a bit to work better for me. But I just wanted to let you all know that I am still here, that I am feeling better after my break and that you all deserve to give yourself a break too!

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

2 thoughts on “Take time for yourself!”

  1. I have just done a three part article on my Nutty Nags blog on FB about positive ageing, and part of it was about making time for yourself, so I totally agree with this.

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