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5 Horse Themed Board Games

horse miniature toy on top of monopoly board game. Horse themed board game

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Whether you come from a horsey family or you are the only horse lover in the family, there’s no reason you can’t bring horses into the family game night with these great horse themed board games. From familiar Monopoly style games to Top Trumps, there really is something for everyone.

Horse Themed Monopoly

injured jockeys horse themed board game

There are a few different horse themed versions of Monopoly available. We have Horseopoly where you buy different breeds of horse and pony as you move around the board. I also have the Injured Jockeys Racecourse Monopoly, where you buy different racecourses. Both are great family games and don’t require any horse knowledge. So there are no excuses for family members not getting involved.

Host Your Own Race Night

horse themed board game host a race night

Fancy a day at the races from the comfort of your own home? This fantastic Host Your Own Race Night kit comes with two DVDs worth of REAL races to enjoy. The horses in the races have been renamed and a new form card has been created so players can still give themselves the best chance at winning. Play with real money or the fake money it comes with, this game is great! My sister bought it for me for Christmas and it has led to a few competitive nights in!

Equestrians Against Normalcy

horse themed board games equestrians against normalcy
Example of the game. Credit: Equestrians Against Normalcy

We’ve all heard of Cards Against Humanity, well this is the equestrian version! Perfect for yard parties and staying away at shows, this game really bangs the nail on the head. With questions such as “Only thoroughbred owners understand [BLANK]” and answers like “Super quiet. Lame all round.” the game is not only a lot of fun but incredibly relatable! There are also different versions available for Eventing, Dressage and Western. So you can really tailor it to you!

Horse & Pony Top Trumps

We all know how Top Trumps works. Split the deck amongst all the players and try and win everyone’s cards by scoring the highest in; height, colour variety, sportability, beauty and speed. In horse and pony top trumps you don’t just compare different breeds of horse and pony but mythical horses too. A classic game and great for kids new to horses.

Unstable Unicorns

horse themed board games unstable unicorns
The playing cards. Credit Unstable Games

Okay so not quite horse related, but in this funny strategy game you have to be the first to have 6 unicorns in your stable. Use magic cards to give yourself and advantage or sabotage someone else. If anyone is stuck for a present idea for me Unstable Unicorns looks incredible!

Are there any other horse themed board games you love?

Last Updated on 22/12/2021

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