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The 4 Best Resources for Ex Racehorses

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Taking on an ex racehorse can be a daunting prospect, especially if you haven’t had one before. But there are so many fantastic resources out there to help you get the most enjoyment from your new horse. The 4 resources in this article are what I consider to be some of the best resources available for ex racehorses and shouldn’t be overlooked.

A great instructor

Whether you are a complete novice or competing at a high level, everyone needs a great instructor. What you need from an instructor will depend on your current level and your goals, there is some great advice on choosing a riding instructor here. Your instructor doesn’t have to have lots of experience with ex racehorses. If you want to compete in dressage, an instructor focused on dressage is fine. But they do need to understand that your horse might need more time to develop and understand what is being asked than other horses their age.

Social Media Communities

Let’s start by saying that I don’t think you should get all your advice from social media. But, over the years I have found some social media communities to be really helpful. One of my favourites is Ex racehorse owners DO NOT have a deathwish on Facebook. Some of the problems we encounter with our ex racehorses are very specific and friends whose opinions we value might not have experienced them. In these cases it can be helpful to talk to other owners who might have experienced it and what they did about it.

Retraining of Racehorses

Funded by the racing industry, Retraining of Racehorses or RoR is a great resource for anyone thinking about buying an ex racehorse. They have helpful articles explaining how and why ex racehorses might behave differently to other horses. There are tips on how to look after your new ex racehorse as well as advice on where and how to buy one. You can register your horse and take part in special clinics and competitions, giving you more options to be competitive with your ex racehorse.


EquiPepper was created out of my love of ex racehorses. In the early days I wrote about my experiences retraining and looking after my own ex racehorse, Scottie. I wrote my dissertation on ex racehorses and factors that might affect how well they do when they retire. Since then I have gone on to follow ex racehorses competing at top level eventing. Every health and training related article links back to my experiences with thoroughbreds and ex racehorses. I think EquiPepper is a fantastic resource for ex racehorse owners.

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