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3 examples of how horses predict (and ruin) the future

turnout is good for older horses

Horses have a 6th sense. It is like they can predict the future as they also seem to know the perfect way to try and change that future.

Going to a show?

If you have plans to go to a show, your horse knows. They will convienietly lose a shoe the night before or lay in poo after you spend hours bathing them. Typically your horse doesn’t do these things normally. They save it for pre show preparations. If it is a particularly important show, like a championship, they will do a very thorough job.

Planning to clip?

It’s that time of year where everyone is clipping. If you haven’t had your first clip yet you know how important it is to have a clean, dry horse before you start clipping. It doesn’t seem to matter when you decide to clip your horse, they know and will make things more difficult for you.

If you plan to clip them in the evening after they have been out in the field all day, they will come in covered in mud. All the effort you went to to cover them up was a waste as they have managed to get mud on their backs, under their rug.

If you have done the smart thing and bathed them the night before, then covered them in in bodysuits to clip in the morning, they will have slept in wee and or poo what has seeped through their protective layers, soaking their fluffy bellies.

What about camp?

Camp is great for both kids and adults! It’s a great chance to get away with your horse and your friends and have some lessons with some new people. But once again, your horse knows! While most of the time they are cooperative and happy to go, if it is a particularly expensive or exclusive camp you have been looking forward to for a long time, they will mysteriously go lame or look a bit under the weather, until you decide to cancel. At which point they will make a miraculous recovery.

What future has your horse predicted and tried to ruin?

Last Updated on 22/12/2021

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