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Sport Horse Syndicates ~ Own a top level horse

Arctic Soul Baminton (burghley horse trials) buying an ex racehorse, owned by sport horse syndicate

Syndicates are very common in racing with roughly 60% of horses being owned by a syndicate. The benefits seem clear and it’s not just low level horses, some Group 1 winners are owned by syndicates. But sport horse syndicates are not as common.

What is a syndicate?

A syndiate is when a group of people all own a horse together. The horse is divided into equal shares and owners buy 1 or more shares in the horse.

What are the benefits of joining a syndicate?

Other than being able to say you own the horse, there are plenty of other benefits available, depending on the terms of the syndiate. Some benefits typically include:

  • A share in any prize money
  • Owners tickets/badges to competitions they are in
  • Visits to the riders yard to meet your horse
  • Photos and updates from the rider, including their plans for the horse

Why should we encourage sport horse syndicates?

The equestrian industry is struggling. Very few riders own their own horses, relying on owners sending horses their way. Competing horses at top level has become more expensive with prize money less than what it used to be. This has meant that many owners have to downsize and more and more riders are turning to syndicates.

Syndicates allow riders to buy young horses they think could be special. They can then syndicate them to help cover not only the initial cost of the horse, but the on going cost of competing the horse. Gemma Tattersall has two top horses owned by syndicates; Arctic Soul and Quicklook V.

Sports horse syndicates could be a great way to not only keep good quality horses in the UK, but it could also help bring new people and money to the sport. Maybe we will soon start to see syndicate companies doing the work for the riders, similar to what happens currently in racing.

Last Updated on 22/12/2021

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