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Stud Muffins Advent Calendar for Horses Review

stud muffins advent calendar for horses

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We all like to spoil our horses and what better way to build up to Christmas with their very own advent calendar? Scottie has had a few different advent calendars over the years, but this year I went with the Stud Muffins Advent Calendar for horses.

Obviously it isn’t Christmas yet, so we haven’t finished the advent calendar yet – much to Scottie’s disappointment! But so far we are both very pleased with this advent calendar for horses! It was a really cute design what just screams Stud Muffins! It’s yellow with the brown cartoons we come to expect from them. I also really like the idea of there being a Christmas bakery for Stud Muffins! And being bright yellow, it stands out nicely at the yard.

stud muffins advent calendar treats are the perfect size

In terms of the treats behind each door, they are just perfect. Scottie LOVES Stud Muffins. But I can’t give him a normal Stud Muffin every day… they are just a bit too big and sugary. The Stud Muffins in the calendar are quite a bit smaller, making them perfect for a daily treat. Other brands of horse advent calendars we have tried I have found a bit stingy on the treats. So I think the Stud Muffins advent calendar for horses really gets this balance right.

While it might be a bit late to get your horse an advent calendar this year (although your horse won’t know!) I can highly recommend the Stud Muffins advent calendar for your horse next year. Amazon look like they still have some available. If you are feeling guilty for not spoiling your horse with an advent calendar this year, Stud Muffins do a lovely Celebration cake they can share with their friends on Christmas Morning instead!

advent calendar for horses & dogs

Do you also have a dog? Keep your eyes peeled for my review of the Lily’s Kitchen advent calendar for dogs.

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