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Scottie’s visit from the back lady

Scottie having his back done.

Scottie is still ticking along nicely. We have got into a nice routine of working him 3 times a week doing different things. During the week we have a short, stretchy lunge. On Saturday I long rein him, starting to build up the trotting a bit more. Then on Sunday I ride.

We are still just riding in the school and building it up slowly. We are currently doing about 20-30 mins of walk then 10 mins of trot. Scottie has been feeling fantastic! He feels so much stronger and looser through his back. He is a bit wonky. It is normal for him to banana when he is out of work and improves with correct work.

About 2 weeks ago now we had a little bit of a set back. When I asked for trot Scottie instantly felt wonkier than usual. He was a little bit reluctant to go forward, but when asked to he did straighten up slightly. He was worse on the left rein and wasn’t so bad if we were against the fence.

He had felt straight in walk and didn’t seem lame. So I was happy to just take it a bit easier until the back lady came out the following week. I kept an eye on him, having a few short lunges and trot up just to double check for anything else going on. While he looked a bit stiff in his right hind on the left rein, he looked perfectly normal on a straight line and on the right circle. So I wasn’t too concerned.

Our lovely back lady echoed my thoughts. He looked fairly normal in her initial examination. Sound on a straight line and no more wonky than what is normal for him. Turning him tightly he didn’t cross his right hind as well as his left. When she started poking and prodding him she did find some tightness just behind the saddle, more so on the right hand side.

He has had a fairly quiet week since this, partly due to the weather. But we have had a light lunge and he has looked better. Still a little bit wonky on the left rein, but again, that isn’t that unusual for him when he has been out of work. So I am hoping to kick on this weekend with some long reining and riding and see how he feels.

While there is a chance there is something else going on, so far it does seem like something what will improve him straightening exercises. Fingers crossed we continue to improve as he has just felt incredible recently.

Last Updated on 14/01/2022

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