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Ponyo Turnout Rug Review ~ Monkey & Bananas 100g

Monkey & Banana Ponyo Turnout Rug

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In case you hadn’t noticed, I LOVE Ponyo rugs! I love the quality, I love the weight and I love the incredible patterns! If you own a cheeky pony who often gets into mischief, then this Monkey & Bananas pattern, or as I call it Cheeky Monkey, this Ponyo turnout rug is a must have.

The same great features

If you haven’t seen my previous reviews for Ponyo turnout rugs, please check out the 0g Watermelon review. This is my first review and I go into a lot more detail about the fantastic features what come as standard with their rugs. One of the great things about Ponyo is that all their turnouts are the same. The basic design stays the same, no matter what size, weight or pattern you choose. This means if you have one of their rugs and it works for your horse, you know all the others will too!

My two favourite features what come as standard in these rugs are:

  • All rugs come with a detachable neck. So many brands expect you to pay extra for this.
  • Double lock velcro at the front. I hate when rugs flap open at the front. Double lock velcro stops this.
Scottie enjoying his first day out after his arthritis diagnosis in his monkey & bananas ponyo rug

Good Lightweight 100g

I don’t know what it is about 100g rugs, but they seem to be either really durable but really heavy, or nice and light but seem to rip really easily. Neither is ideal. No one wants to keep spending money on rugs just for them to keep getting ripped. But equally, have you tried hanging up a really heavy, wet and muddy rug?

As I have already mentioned, all the Ponyo rugs are exactly the same. They just change the amount of filling and the pattern. Scottie’s other rugs have been really durable, so I am not worried about them getting ripped and destroyed in the field, even when Scottie is getting told off by JoJo! But they still are lightweight and easy to move around. I also think it makes them seem a bit more true to weight. I am tempted to leave my other, heavy 100g for those colder days when Scottie might want a heavier rug but doesn’t quite need to step up to 200g, what is our next rug. I’m not a fan of layering rugs if I can avoid it.

Adorable Cheeky Monkey Pattern

Who doesn’t love a cheeky monkey? There is something about a cheeky animal what makes you love them even more. Scottie is a lovely boy but certainly has a cheeky streak. I can’t think of a rug to suit his personality any better! It’s bright, it’s cute and most importantly, Cheeky!

Ponyo have also accounced that they are discontinuing this pattern & their Tiger pattern! So not only is there limited stock left in these, they are also on sale! So you can pick them up at a bargan price if they still have your horses size!

Ponyo Logo

I am really lucky to be one of Ponyo’s Brand Ambassadors! I love being able to support this fantastic brand. But it also means I get to offer you all a cheeky 5% discount on any Ponyo product for you, your horse or even your dog! Go on, treat yourself!

Just use this code:

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Last Updated on 10/05/2022

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