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5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for your horse

valentine's day gifts for your horse

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In recent years Valentine’s day has become less about romantic partners and more about friends, family and of course pets. Galentine’s day seems to becoming bigger and bigger each year. But let’s be realistic, none of you really need a reason to spoil your horse. That being said Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse to celebrate the unique bond between horse and rider. So here are our 5 Valentine’s day gifts for your horse.

Valentine’s day gifts for your horse

Make them a cake!

I love seeing photos and videos of homemade cakes people have made for their horses for various occasions. There are plenty of recipes online for them. I quite like the look of this one on Food.com for a carrot and apple oat cake. If like me, you lack for organisational skills to make your horse a cake, you can buy an alternative! I’ve bought the Stud Muffin Celebration cake in the past.

Stock up on their favourite treats

Just like us, our horses have their favourites. A perfect Valentine’s day gift for your horse could simply be making sure you have their favourite treats to hand. I’m sure most of us give our horses some sort of treat a day. Scottie has a Stud Muffin when we get to the field once I take his head collar off. Lot’s of horses on my yard have carrots in their dinner or grass nuts in a treatball. You could swap some of these things for their favourite treats for the day.

Pamper Them!

It’s that time of year when it’s cold and wet and typically we don’t want to be spending more time outside than we have to. This sometimes means that we do the bare minimum with our horses. Maybe you haven’t tidied up their mane and tail for a while. Maybe you just haven’t spent much down time with them. All horses are different. Some will really enjoy a groom and a scratch while others won’t. Some will really enjoy some one on one time, maybe trying something new on the ground. You know your horse and you know what they will and won’t enjoy. Spend some extra time with them bonding.

Valentine’s day gifts for your horse what are really for you

Let’s be honest, a lot of the things we buy for our horses are really for us. They really don’t care that they have saddle pads in 5 different shades of blue. But it makes us feel better! So here are some perfect Valentine’s day gifts for your horse, what are really just for you!

A new sparkly browband

Jewellery is a classic Valentine’s day gift. A sparkly browband is the closest thing to jewellery for a horse! It can be as blingy or as understated as you like. But I think every horse needs a sparkly browband in their wardrobe.

Scottie looking handsome, good bridle fit

A cosy stable rug

Cute, cosy Pjs are another classic Valentine’s day gift for cosy date nights in. How can you translate this classic gift to horses? A cosy stable rug of course! I don’t think there is anything quite as satisfying as finishing your horse off for the evening and seeing them all clean and cosy in a new stable rug.

amigo fleece, do we still need stable rugs

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