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Scottie is feeling incredible!

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I’ve had 3 rides on Scottie now since having his steroid injection and I just wanted to give you a quick update one how we are doing. I waited a bit longer before getting on so I could get his back checked first. But once we had the all clear I got straight back on and I can’t believe how he feels.

He’s a bit wobberly and wonky. He has truly reverted to wanted to bend to the left, pushing his bum out to the right. I am constantly having to think right bend just to try and keep him straight. When we trot on the right rein I need a schooling whip in my right hand to tickle his bum every now and then to stop him swinging it in. We also have the occasional uncomfortable step on his right foreleg he has loss of use on.

But, he is the most active and the loosest he has ever felt!

He is a lot more willing to carry himself. When I get him fairly straight and he drops into the contact, he lifts his back and pushes from behind. Not only does this feel incredible to ride, but he never has any awkward looking steps when we is working like this!

So while he isn’t moving perfectly, it does feel like the minor issues we are having are weakness related rather than there being something making him a bit uncomfortable. Obviously, I will keep a close eye on him incase these issues look to be any worse or don’t seem to get better as he gets stronger. But I feel fairly confident that after everythign we have gone through over the last few years with injuries, he is coming out of it much better!

My goal of making it to an Intro Dressage test this year is looking very promising!

Last Updated on 15/03/2022

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