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New Horse Themed Notebooks!

New Horse Themed Notebooks! (Facebook Post) (Blog Banner)

Despite becoming more and more of a digital world, so many people still use notebooks. But I find a lot of the options for horse themed notebooks a bit underwhelming.

In my office, notebooks are ideal for jotting down quick notes in meetings. Nearly everyone has a notebook and they are usually personal and fun! Digital Markers have notebooks calling out their Marketing Greatness. Some people have their favourite cartoon characters. Some of my favourites are the cheeky, fun quotes. An office classic for me is “notes from a meeting which could have been an email.”

These types of notebook can be great office secret santa gifts, especially when you might not know them that well. But I struggle to find the same level of humor or even cuteness in horse themed notebooks. If I, as a horse owner, can’t find great horse notebooks, how could a non horsey person find one for a horsey person?

So I decided to make some!

I thought of things I would like to see on a notebook as a thoroughbred owner and racing fan and came up with these 5 initial designs all available on Amazon. Each notebook has 150 lined pages and a glossy front cover. While they all come in different colours, they have a smart, leatherlook design.

I am really excited by these and I already have a few other ideas in mind for future notebooks. Some are more quote based and others are more photo based. But I hope to start launching more horse themed notebooks soon.

Last Updated on 05/06/2022

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