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Ponyo Dog Coat Review

Ponyo Tiger Print Dog Coat

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Who doesn’t want their dog to match their horse?

Ponyo have created Dog Coats for some of their favourite rug designs. I love Ponyo’s patterns for Scottie and have had my eye on their matching dog coats for quite a while. I got in there just in time as the ones currently on sale are the last ones and they haven’t decided whether they will be making more in the new patterns or not yet. So if you do want one, you need to get in their quick!

Strong, Waterproof Material

Ponyo don’t scrimp on the material for their dog coats! They use the same 1200D ripstop fabric they use on their turnout rugs, what I have found to be really durable. This means you don’t need to worry about this coat ripping if your dog is off the lead in and out of the bushes. It also means they will stay perfectly dry, even in the wettest weathers.

Dog Coat with 100g Filling

Not just waterproof, this cute dog coat also has 100g of filling. Meaning even on the coldest, windiest days, your dog will still be toasty. I think this makes it the perfect coat for yard dogs, who often spend a lot of time hanging around while we sort the horses out, rather than being constantly on the move.

Hi Vis Straps

Even the brightest of coat patterns can be yard to see in dim light. So I love the fact that Ponyo have added Hi Vis strips to both the front and belly straps of this coat. Especially in winter, we spend a lot of our time walking our dogs in the gloom. I think it is always a safe idea to include a bit of hi vis on them to make them easier to see them, especially if you have to walk on the roads.

Good Fit & Size Options

I love how it fits Cecil. I went XL just as Cecil is so long and deep in the chest. It has plenty of room around the neck and a little zip on the withers for if your dog is wearing harness. While the bely strap can’t be lengthened or shortened too much, the velcro it attaches to is really long so you still have a lot of adjustability.

There are 5 size options from XS to XL. But as I said, these are the last ones for now and the sizes are selling out fast!

The Usual Gorgeous Designs

As I have come to expect with Ponyo, the designs are GORGEOUS! This coat is available in 9 of their patterns. But as with the sizes, they are selling out first! Get Yours Now!

I really hope these dog coats come back over the winter, perhaps with some of the new patterns. But I am looking forward to having matching animals when the winter comes with Scottie and Cecil in their Tiger print.

Ponyo Logo

I am really lucky to be one of Ponyo’s Brand Ambassadors! I love being able to support this fantastic brand. But it also means I get to offer you all a cheeky 5% discount on any Ponyo product for you, your horse or even your dog! Go on, treat yourself!

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Last Updated on 03/02/2023

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