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Scottie’s Ear Nearly Back To Normal

Scottie update

I’m pleased to say that after 2 weeks, Scottie’s ear finally looks like it is nearly better! It has stopped oozing and all the scabs are starting to come away by themselves, revealling healthy pink skin. I have been able to touch some of his ear to help remove some of the crusty bits, but on the whole I have just left it alone.

He does now have a lot of bald, pink skin on show. So I am going to have to be really careful about the sun until the hair starts to grow back, esspecially as I think I will struggle to get sun cream on his ear. But luckily his fly mask covers his ear, so Scottie will just have to keep wearing his fly mask in the field to protect his skin from the sun.

I also think I am going to keep his fly mask on most of the summer in the field as we still don’t know what caused this reaction and I would like to try and prevent it happening again. Keeping a fly mask on is an easy way to try and stop whatever it was getting at his ear again. I just have to resist the urge to buy a new Ponyo fly mask

Since Scottie is still being a bit sensitive about his ear being touched I probably won’t be riding just yet. I don’t want to have to take my bridle apart to get it on! But I will see how he gets on. Once all the scabs are gone. I will start trying to pull his headcollar over his ears again and maybe start with some lunging where I don’t need a bridle.

Last Updated on 17/06/2022

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