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Horse Rider SOS: A must have app for horse riders *Partnered* 

Horse Rider SOS App

We recently had a non-riding related accident at our yard early one morning and it has really shaken us. We are all rethinking our simple letting people know where we are going hacking or when we are riding to something a bit more fool proof. The Horse Rider SOS App could be the answer. 

So many of us have to fit riding in around work, family and other commitments. It isn’t unusual for us to be riding our horses at funny hours or by ourselves, especially on smaller DIY yards. But how many of us really have a plan for when it goes wrong? And if something did go wrong, how long would it take for someone to even realise? 

What is Horse Rider SOS? 

The Horse Rider SOS app uses your phone to track where you are and to know when you have had a fall. The app will then alert your emergency contact with your exact location. Perfect for if you have been injured and are unable to call for help yourself. 

How does it work? 

The app works by using the accelerometer on your phone, noticing when you haven’t moved for a while. In the app set up you choose how long you want the app to wait before the alert is triggered. During the set up you will also add an emergency contact or a “buddy.” This is who will get the alert. 

Once the app is set up, all you have to do is press “Start” when you begin your ride and “Stop” when your ride is over. 

What3Words Integration 

What3Words has become really popular over the last few years and is a great way to describe your exact location quickly. This is especially helpful for horse riders who are often away from roads or any obvious landmarks to describe. Horse Rider SOS has included What3Words in their alerts, helping your buddy find you. 

How did Horse Rider SOS come about? 

Horse Rider SOS was originally developed in 2012 by horse trainer Michael Peace and his family. It came from his experience working with problem horses and some of the horror stories they came with. He wanted a way to make riding horses safer. Phones weren’t anywhere near as advanced as they are now, but Horse Rider SOS existed, and it worked. Although it was perhaps limited by the technology at the time. 

A few years ago, Henry Peace, Michael’s son took over the management of the app. Since then, it has gone through a thorough redesign. It’s been made easier to use and takes full advantage of the updates in technology. 

Horse Rider SOS App

Always developing 

One of the exciting things about Horse Rider SOS is that it is never finished. They are always striving to improve the app. One of the features they are currently looking into is providing you with directions home even if you have no phone service. 

What about false alarms? 

We know that anything can happen riding horses. Especially out hacking, it isn’t unusual for you to stop and wait occasionally. Or if you are like me, you might not think to instantly turn the app off when you get back to the yard. Both these things could potentially cause alerts to be sent out. 

Horse Rider SOS have thought about that. Not only can you set yourself a longer period of inactivity before sending the alert, but when your app goes into alert mode, it also alerts you, giving you the chance to cancel any alerts before they are sent. Another added level could be to simply ask your buddy to call you after receiving an alert. This will help them decide if the alert was real or a false alarm. 

Where to download 

Horse Rider SOS is free to download for both Android & IOS. It comes with a 7-day Free Trial and costs £2.39 a month to subscribe after that, which is nothing when you think about it. It works out about £1.50 a month if you pay yearly. 

With most accidents, time is key. The sooner you get help, the better the outcome. Less than a coffee a month could be a life saver. This combined with the fact that the proceeds help fund new developments to the app. It’s certainly an app we are thinking of using at the yard out hacking. 

Last Updated on 28/06/2022

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