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Ponyo Merlot Sparkle Saddle Pad Review

Ponyo Sparkle Saddle Pad, variety is the spice of life

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Bling is Back! Matchy Matchy has been huge in the equine world for years now but with their Sparkle Tack range, Ponyo Horsewear are have combined bling and matchy matchy to take it to a whole new level. I bought Scottie a Sparkle Saddle Pad from this range and I am SOLD!

Sparkle Tack Collection

Ponyo have taken things a bit further than the standard matchy matchy sets. Alongside the normal saddle pad, bandages and fly veil combination, they have included a matching bridle and head collar!

  • Sparkle Bridle
    (With crystal brow band & sparkle reins)
  • Sparkle Fly Veil
  • Sparkle Saddle Pad
  • Pair of Sparkle Brushing Boots
  • Pair of Sparkle Overreach Boots
  • Sparkle Exercise Bandages
  • Sparkle Head Collar

All of these items are available seperately or bundled together at a slightly discounted price.

The Sparkle Saddle Pad

I resisted the urge to go all out on the Sparkle Tack Collection straight away. I have never been into bling and it felt like a big leap for me. But I did love the look of their sparkle saddle pads and thought this would be a great way to dip my toe into the world of bling… I haven’t been disappointed.

I went with the Merlot, I thought this would be a lovely colour for Scottie and it’s not too similar to anything else we currently have. One thing I noticed as soon as it arrived is that the photos do not do it justice at all! Not only is this gorgeous pad sparkly all over, the photos don’t make it obvious that the piping on the back half of the saddle pad has crystals! I had no idea about this until the pad arrived.

The fit is good. It’s a GP cut, but my saddle is a fairly straight GP so I imagine it would also suit a dressage saddle. Maybe in the future we will see a dressage cut too! It is quite a thick pad, so I would say it is more of a winter pad, especially if you have a warm horse. But Scottie, who is a very hot and sweaty horse, has been exercised in it a few times now and hasn’t got hot in it. But this could be due to the anti-sweat lining. All the straps have velcro, what is always easier for making sure that the pad is sitting in the right place with the saddle.

I’m now eying up the Oak Green pad…

An Option For Everyone!

Anyone could enjoy these Sparkle Saddle Pads thanks to the options in size and colour. Unlike other brands, there are 5 size options; mini, shetland, pony, cob and full. So there should definitely be one to fit your horse and saddle!

Some horses can be difficult to find complimentary colours for, especially chestnuts. But with 9 different colour options for the sparkle saddle pad ranging from pale pink, to deep purple to dark grey, there are at least a couple of options for even the trickiest of coat colours. Although some of the newer products and the full set are only available in 6 colours.

Ponyo Logo

I am really lucky to be one of Ponyo’s Brand Ambassadors! I love being able to support this fantastic brand. But it also means I get to offer you all a cheeky 5% discount on any Ponyo product for you, your horse or even your dog! Go on, treat yourself!

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Last Updated on 05/07/2022

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