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Why blogging is great for horse owners

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I love blogging. I love writing, I love the geeky tech side, I love the community and I love the opportunities it has given me. But for me, one of the best things about blogging is how much I have documented over the years. I really think blogging is great for horse owners.

I have had Scottie 8 years and I have been blogging about him for 7 years. Because I share so much about our journey either on here or on my social channels, I have such a great record of everything we have done together. If your horse has been feeling a bit sluggish and then suddenly gets worse. It can be really hard to remember when they started being sluggish. If you are a blogger, chances are at some point you wrote about them not being quite themselves. This helps you understand just how long they have been like it.

If they have had an injury, the rehab can be a long, slow and frustrating process. When you blog about your progress, when you are having a bad day you can go back and reread some of your posts to help remember just how far you have come. I recently realised that Scottie went lame with his Loss Of Use injury about 4 years ago now. That’s a huge amount of time! And while I don’t epect him to ever be the same as he was before, we have had times where he has felt incredible. After his steroid injection earlier this year he felt the best he has ever felt! 2 years ago I didn’t think it was possible for him to feel like that!

Sometimes it’s just really nice to look back on all the great things you have done together, especially once your horse is retired or sadly passed away. If your horse is still in work, sometimes it can remind you of exercises you haven’t done in a while. What about that fun pole exercise you did at camp a few years ago? What about that hacking route you haven’t done in a while?

I do think I would have found the last 4 years so much harder if I couldn’t look back at how far we have come and remind myself of all the good times. Even now when Scottie has had a really quiet summer, due to multiple factors, I am looking forward to coming home from my holiday and slowly picking him back up again and seeing where we get to.

If any of you are thinking of starting a blog about your horse, just do it! Even if no one ever sees it, even if you only manage to write a few times a week, it can be so valuable as a diary to look back at your progress.

Last Updated on 30/08/2022

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