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Struggling to find the motivation…

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The past few months, in fact maybe this whole year, has been pretty mad. I feel like I have so much going on and so much to plan and look forward to. But I also feel like I am struggling to do everything. One thing in particular I am struggling with is finding the motivation to write blog posts here. I have so many ideas lined up and I want to write them. But when it actually comes to sitting down to write them, I am really struggling to find the motivation.

I don’t want to do these topics with only 50% effort. One of the things I love about EquiPepper is that I am proud of everything I write. If I don’t think I can keep meeting that standard, I am happy to take a step back slightly and not write when I’m not feeling it. So please bare with me while I might not be posts 2 new blog posts a week at the moment!

I’m hoping by taking the pressure off myself slightly, I will find it easier to write some of the great ideas I have. In the meantime, I have a great new system what shares some of your favourite and most popular posts on our social media channels. Plus we have over 1000 posts on here to help you get your EquiPepper fix!

I hope to be back soon!

Last Updated on 13/09/2022

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