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World Eventing Championship Results

Induvidual medalists at World Eventing CHampionships © Massimo Argenziano

I was really pleased to see that the BBC covered the World Eventing Championships at Pratoni, even if they only showed the Cross Country and the Show Jumping. With more and more of our sport only being available behind a paid subscription, I feel like it was a real boost to be able to watch it for free on live and on catch up. I moved my weekend around so that I could make sure I watched all of the Cross Country and Show Jumping.

Being of dual herritage, I always find myself backing both Team GB and the Kiwi riders. If forced to pick, I would probably choose the Kiwis… but I had a bit more conflict this year with Lordships Graffalo, the horse we bred at University, making the British team. I obviously wanted him to do well.

Post Dressage Results

  1. Great Britain 69.2
  2. Germany 76.1
  3. USA 76.6
  4. New Zealand 77.9

Going into the Cross Country Team GB had a record breaking team score with Lordships Graffalo’s good score of 26.2 being the team drop score. New Zealand weren’t miles behind either thanks to a particularly impressive Score from Monica Spencer, leaving them in individual 7th.

Post Cross Country Results

  1. Germany 76.1
  2. USA 77.4
  3. Great Britain 80.9
  4. New Zealand 88.3

The cross country was really quite challenging with lots of combinations having trouble around the course. Germany had 3 incredible clear rounds within the time to finish the cross country in 1st place, still on their dressage scores. Lordship’s Graffalo was the first horse to get round clear, although picking up a few time penalties, leaving them in individual 8th. But two rounds with time penalties was enough to make them drop down to 3rd as a team. The Kiwis who are arguably Cross Country machines, managed 3 clear rounds, with just a few time penalties to keep their team in 4th place.

Show Jumping Team Results

The Show Jumping really shook things up, both for the teams and the individual rankings.

  1. Germany 95.2
  2. USA 100.3
  3. New Zealand 100.7
  4. Great Britain 100.9
  5. Ireland 136.8

All teams had poles down with not many combinations managing to keep a clean sheet. Lorships Graffalo produced the only clear for Team GB but after a particularly unlucky round from Oliver Townsend, it wasn’t enough to keep them in the medals. New Zealand managed to move up into third as a team, taking full advantage of Team GBs bad luck. But all the top 4 teams finished close together and well ahead of the 5th placed team.

Individual Results

  1. Yasmin Ingham & Banzai du Loir
    Great Britain
  2. Julia Krajewski & Amande de B’Neville
  3. Tim Price & Falco
    New Zealand
  4. Ros Canter & Lordships Graffalo
    Great Britain
  5. Michael Jung & fischerChipmunk FRH

It was incredibly exciting to see Individual Team GB rider Yasmin claim the gold medal after the legend Michael Jung had a couple of fences down. I was also really pleased to see Tim Price make the podium both as a team as an individual. New Zealand hadn’t won a medal at an international event since 2010, so it was really deserved! Only 5 horses finished on their dressage score. Lordships Graffalo was one of these who finished in 4th place, on an equal score to TIm Price in 3rd. So I think he should get an honorary medal! But it is still an incredible result for his first ever World Championships! He is definitely one to watch in the future.

This years World Championships really highlighted for me how important every phase can be. Watching 5 star we are used to the Cross Country being so influential. But it was great to see the show jumping really having an impact too, constantly shaking up the team results throughout the day.

Last Updated on 20/09/2022

3 thoughts on “World Eventing Championship Results”

  1. As an ex-pat living in the US, it’s always great to read your posts to catch up on the eventing scene back in the UK.
    When I was a journalist back in the UK writing for Eventing Magazine, I never knew about Yasmin Ingham as by the time of her early eventing success, I had all but retired. So, good to learn of a new GB star, as well as familiar names.
    Many thanks.

    1. Thank you! It’s always great to hear from you.
      I feel like nations will always report on their own riders & the results of a few well known names. Which is absolutely fine! But it can make it difficult when you are looking for something outside of that. I certainly leave out riders/nations what I don’t feel as connected to. But it’s great to hear that a lot of these connections are the same as my readers.

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