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Ekygard+ Review ~ The NEW gastric supplement from Audevard

ekygard+ review

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A little while ago Audevard reached out to me about trying their brand new gastric supplement Ekygard+ before it was available to buy. This sounded like a really exciting opportunity to try the new formula of their successful Ekygard supplement.

Does Scottie have gastric problems?

I don’t typically look at gastric supplements for Scottie. He isn’t a typical case for stomach discomfort. I don’t think he shows behaviour you would associate with stomach ulcers. He has never been colicy. He isn’t stressy and is a big foodie.

But that being said, he has had quite an unsettled year this year. His best friend and field buddy had her foal early this year. Being such a small yard, Jo not being in her usual turnout routine massively impacted Scottie’s routine. This year he has regularly changed fields and field buddies. I think he has coped very well. But I have also been able to tell that he hasn’t been 100% happy with all the changes. There is a chance that this visibly low level stress might have caused him a few problems.

Most horses suffer from gastric discomfort

While doing some research about stomach issues and Ekygard+ I discovered some statistics about gastric discomfort. 60% of horses suffer from some level of gastric discomfort. That is most of our horses. Not only this, but 40% of horses experiencing gastric discomfort don’t show any clinical signs. So you might not even notice your horse’s discomfort. These statistics were enough for me to want to try a gastric supplement to help ease any discomfort Scottie might be suffering with in silence.

60% of horses suffer with gastric discomfort. Ekygard+ helps protect your horse

What are the symptoms of gastric discomfort?

Other than more obvious signs, such as colic, most of the signs your horse might be suffering with gastric discomfort are a lot more subtle. This can make them difficult to spot or easy to overlook as they can be caused by so many different things. But some symptoms to look out for include:

  • Unexplained weightloss
  • A dull or poor looking coat
  • Loss or decreased appetite
  • Reluctance to work or a decrease in performance
  • Girthiness or general grumpiness on being touched around their stomach
  • General change in their attitude/character

Triple Action Protection with Ekygard+

Ekygard+ is 100% plant-based and contains ingredients scientifically proven to promote gastric health in horses. It helps prevent stomach discomfort by:

  • Supporting Gut Flora
  • Limiting Gastric Acidity
  • Preserves Stomach Muscosa

Short & Long Term Use

A great thing about the formula of Ekygard+ is that it can be used long term for horses who are prone to gastric discomfort or for short periods as some extra protection. For example:

Long Term Use:

  • Indefinite use for uses who always seem to have discomfort.
  • For horses on box rest when the risk of stomach issues is higher.
  • Over the winter when horses might be stabled more than usual.
  • During the show season when horses might be in more intensive work and/or be travelling for longer periods of time.

Short Term Use:

  • On veterinary recommendation alongside gastric treatments.
  • Before & during times of increased stress (intense work, more transport, change in routine/environment.)
  • Before & after certain drug treatments.

How did Scottie get on with Ekygard+?

Unfortunately (or luckily depending how you look at it) I didn’t see a huge improvement or change in Scottie after a month of feeding Ekygard+. I am hoping this means that he hasn’t been suffering with any gastric discomfort he needed some extra help with. I do think he has been a little bit more forward and willing to work in an outline recently. But I have also stepped up our schooling a bit more, including poles and trot work. So I can’t say if this is because he is feeling more comfortable or if he is just a bit more interested in his work.

Either way, I feel happier for having tried it. I feel confident that he doesn’t have underlying discomfort I haven’t noticed. I have only finished the last of our tub this week. So I will be keeping an eye out for any negative changes now he has finished it all.

It’s a bit disappointing to not be able to say if this supplement worked or not, as I know that is why we all read reviews! But anyone reading this, please remember that Scottie wasn’t showing signs in the first place. And while I didn’t see hugely positive results, I would certainly consider feeding it to Scottie again if I knew he was going to go through a stressful time such as prolonged box rest.

I have also been sent a respiratory supplement from Audevard to review – keep your eyes peeled!

Last Updated on 12/01/2023

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