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White Horse Energy – Straw Pellet Review

White Horse Energy Straw Pellet Bedding

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With the price of everything going up, switching to a more cost effective bedding for your horse could be more effective now than ever. Straw pellet bedding could really help you keep your horses costs down.

Wood & Straw Pellet Bedding Goes Further

Since I switched to Wood Pellet bedding, I have found I use less bedding. I typically use 1 bag a week vs 2 bags of shavings or cardboard. For the past few years I have been using White Horse Energy’s Wood Pellets and I have really enjoyed them. But they have gone up massively in price recently. Even buying in bulk, they have gone from roughly £6 a bag to £10!

I was trying to decide what I was going to do bedding-wise, when White Horse Energy reached out offering me a discount on a full pallet of their brand new Straw Pellet bedding. They work out at £7.60 a bag if you buy by the pallet, which is a lot more affordable. (You can also get an extra 5% off with code: RUBBUT50489)

White Horse Energy Straw Pellet Bedding

New Straw Pellet Bedding

I have been using the new straw pellets for a good few months now in 2 stables (Scottie & a friends.) I am really pleased with them. I think they are just as good as the wood pellets. They are absorbant, possibily even a bit more absorbant. I use the same amount I would if I was using wood pellets and I honestly don’t think I have noticed a change in quality in their beds.

There are a few small differences though. I find the straw pellets are darker in colour, which makes the bed darker in colour. This isn’t a problem, but it probably looks a bit dirtier than the woodpellets, even though it isn’t.

I also HAVE to soak the straw pellets. I would often put dry bags of wood pellets in. But I have found the horses will nibble at the straw pellets if I don’t soak them down first. Eating straw pellets can cause colic! Both the horses I have on straw pellet bedding are greedy buggers. So they are both the sort to tuck into their beds. But soaking the straw pellets until most of them are broken down and then mixing the clean bedding into the old/dirty bedding is enough to stop them eating them. So if you have a greedy horse, you might still be able to use straw pellets, especially if they have adlib hay and aren’t likely to get hungry in the stable.

Overall, I am pleased with the new straw pellets from White Horse Energy. I think they are just as good as the wood pellets I LOVE and they are much cheaper! So if you don’t think your horse is the type to gorge on them, I think they are a great, cheap, bedding option!

Get 5% off your first order with White Horse Energy with code: RUBBUT50489

Straw Pellets soaking

Last Updated on 15/03/2024

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