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Dinky Dinos Ponyo 250g Turnout Rug Review

Ponyo Dinky Dinos turnout rug

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I love Ponyo turnout rugs so much that I am slowly replacing Scottie’s entire wardrobe with them. I have now replaced Scottie’s medium weights with this 250g turnout rug from Ponyo in their adorable Dinky Dinos pattern. I LOVE it!

Same Great Quality & Standard Features

I could go on and on about the quality and the great features of this Dinky Dinos turnout rug. But Ponyo uses the same great design across all their patterns and weights, so I don’t have to! Check out my first review of the 0g watermelon for all the details.

But simply, this rug is lightweight and durable. So far, I have found it just as durable as more expensive brands, but it is so much lighter to carry around. It also has some key features as standard what I think are a real game changer:

  • Detachable neck as standard
  • Double lock velcro on chest fastening
  • Comes with both leg straps and fillet string

Suitable for Everyone

Ponyo Rugs cater for everyone! The Dinky Dinos turnout is no different. There are 5 different weights available from 0g to 400g. So whether your horse feels the cold or not, you can find the right weight for him. They also come in sizes from as small as 3’0 to 7’3! So no one has to miss out on the perfect pattern for their personality.

Ponyo Dinky Dinos review

Cute 1st Day At School Design

After trying this Dinky Dinos rug on for the first time, one of the girls at the yard summed it up perfectly:

“He looks like he’s off for his first day at school!”

He totally does! I think it’s the perfect way to describe this pattern. It’s not one what immediately stood out to me as being perfect for Scottie. But he just looks adorable in it. It suits his personality perfectly.

Ponyo Logo

I am really lucky to be one of Ponyo’s Brand Ambassadors! I love being able to support this fantastic brand. But it also means I get to offer you all a cheeky 5% discount on any Ponyo product for you, your horse or even your dog! Go on, treat yourself!

Just use this code:

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Last Updated on 27/01/2023

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