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Owners Group Update ~ New Filly

Invincible Love & other foals

I’ve just realised it’s been over a year since I updated you here about my horses I have shares in through the Owners Group. I think I’ve had such a busy year that I was giving updates on my social media, but no where else. I won’t go through all the races you have missed, these can all be found on our results pages. But there have been some new arrivals and a sad goodbye.

Cupboard Love’s 2022 Colt

The gorgeous colt by Territories born last year has a name, Invincible Love. He was Cupboard Love’s first foal and he has been fab. He seems to have a great personality and is really well put together. It will be really exciting to see him heading off to start the backing process later this year.

invincible love

Tambourine Girl’s New Filly

Tambourine Girl had her first foal this year, a lovely bay filly by Mayson. Tambourine Girl was a bit colicy after the birth but both mum and baby seem to be doing well so far. I’m looking forward to see how she develops.

Goodbye to Cupboard Love

I have loved having a share in Cupboard Love for the past few years and really enjoyed seeing her with her first foal Invincible Love. But I felt like I had to relinquish my share in her this year. I have 5 horses in training, 2 broodmares and now 2 youngstock. I really want to follow the young horses through their careers. But keeping the broodmares would mean I would gain 2 new horses each year and I just don’t think I can afford it!

So I have made the decision to give up my share in Cupboard Love this year. I am keeping my share in her first foal and will keep following her progress. But I just can’t justify staying with her forever, sadly. I might make the same decision with Tambourine Girl next year too.

Cupboard Love & Territories Colt

Last Updated on 03/03/2023

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