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How horses can help you find The One

couple kissing on green field and standing near horses, horses can help you find the one

I truly believe that owning horses can help you find the one, that special person you want to spend the rest of your life with. No, I’m not talking about your next horse! An actual human being partner! Now, I don’t mean that your horse will be picking your partner for you, or be helping you to filter out the rubbish ones. But just having a horse can indirectly help you find the right person for you.

It’s a lifestyle, not a pet or hobby

Owning a horse requires a huge amount of time and effort. It is a passion and a vocation. You know a large part of your life will be spent looking after and enjoying your horse. This lifestyle choice can help you decide whether someone is the right person for you or not.

Like minded with shared interests

The most obvious way horses can help you find the one is to find someone who shares your passion. They might be a fellow horse lover or they might have similar interests, such as loving the country lifestyle. It can be easy to see how your two lifestyles will work alongside each other with these shared interests.

Independent with different interests

I am a big believer in that you don’t have to have the same passions as your partner. In fact, lot’s of people prefer their partners to have limited interest in horses. This means their horse time is their time. It is important to be able to have your own space in relationships. Because you know you will be wanting to spend hours at the yard each week enjoying your horse, your partner will most likely need to be independent with their own interests to keep them occupied.

We joke about it, but we do have great time management

Hear me out, yes we lose track of time at the yard and spend a large portion of our time there with our horse. But do you know why we do this? Because that is our priority! We are very good at working out where we feel like our time is best spent, this just happens to be with our horse. We know when we have found the one when we are willing to readjust our time, to make sure we spend more time with that special person.

We know what behaviour is acceptable to us

No one is perfect and everyone has their floors. We know that choosing a partner can be a lot like buying a horse. We have our wish lists and we know we aren’t going to get everything on that list. It’s about comprimise. We know what traits we want in a partner and what ones we don’t. We also know what ones we are willing to overlook and what ones we can’t.

The same can be said for behaviour. When working with horses, they aren’t going to get things right every time and they aren’t always going to behave exactly how we want them to. We all have different ideas of what behaviour is acceptable enough to let it slide, and what needs to be addressed instantly. For example, I will let Scottie jog out hacking as I think it’s pretty harmless. But I will insist he stands still at the mounting block. Having a partner who understands and respects your expectations is vital.

What ways do you think horses can help you find the one?

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