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A better start to spring

After a really busy start to the year, we are back riding and Scottie is looking fantastic!

I am currently trialling a new app Rider Guider, what is really helping to structure my rides. This app lets you create a playlist of exercises to listen to during your ride. There are lots of exercises in walk I have been listening to. I find it helps me to focus on myself aswell as Scottie.

Scottie seems to enjoy it too. Giving him lots of different things to think about seems to keep him more interested in the work. he definitely gets more up for it throughout our ride, becoming more forward and interested in the work. He does sometimes get a bit too enthusiastic. But we end most of our rides with a nice stretchy walk, so all feels positive!

We’re also coming to the end of our tub of CBD from Hempine we’ve been testing. Scottie is so intermittedly lame, that it is always hard to say for certain whether a new supplement or treatment is really working or not. But I haven’t seen any lameness since Scottie has been having this, and I haven’t replaced his devils claw after it ran out halfway through trying this. I also think it has had a positive impact on his mindset when it’s come to things like his first hack in years!

I’m hoping this will be a much more positive year for us!

Last Updated on 13/03/2024

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