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Own An Ex Racehorse? Complete the Thoroughbred Census!

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British Racing’s Horse Welfare Board is launching the first ever thoroughbred census in Great Britain. the aim of this census is to improve the tracibility of racehorses once they leave racing. The data collected from this study will be used to help improve the welfare of horses leaving by supporting owners and improving welfare initiatives.

Experts at Hartpury University will be carrying out the research and it has been praised by lots of welfare organisations as a great step in the right direction for improving the lives of horses leaving racing. Full results of the survey are expected to be announced early 2024.

Ex racehorse owners have until 31st December this year to complete the survey. They will be asked to provide information such us; racing name, passport number, microchip number and what activities they are doing now. You can commplete the survey HERE.

I filled out the survey for Scottie this week, I think it’s a great idea and only took me 5 minutes to complete!

Last Updated on 14/07/2023

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