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What is The Prophet’s Thumbprint on a horse?

does your horse have the prophet's thumbprint?

If your horse has a dimple or dent on their neck, you might have heard someone say they have the Prophet’s thumbprint or thumb mark. Or you might have heard someone say it’s the sign of a good horse. But where does this come from? And what exactly is a Prophet’s thumbprint?

What is a Prophet’s thumbprint?

The Prophet’s thumbmark is a harmless dent in a horses muscle on the neck or shoulder. It’s a bit like how humans can have random dimples in their muscles, especially on their face. It is just a birthmark horses might be born with. But thanks to a story about the Prophet Muhammad, it is often considered a sign of a good horse.

Scottie's prophet's thumbprint

The 30 horses of the Prophet Muhammad

The Prophet Muhammad was travelling through the desert with 30 of his horses for days. They hadn’t had any water and were desperately thirsty. Eventually they came to an oasis and he sent his horses off to drink. Before they reached the water, he called them back. Of the 30 horses, just 5 mares returned quickly to his side.

These mares had proved their loyalty to him and that they were good horses. He knew that these traits would be passed onto their offspring and he blessed them, pressing his thumb against them, leaving his mark. Horse’s with the Prophet’s thumbprint are suposed to be decendants of these 5 mares.

The perfect horse for you

The legend continues with, if your thumb fits the dent on your horse, they are the perfect horse for you! Think Cinderella’s glass slipper.

Can any horse have a thumbprint?

Yes. Scientifically, they are just birthmarks. Any horse can be born with a birth mark.

When we look at the legend, could every horse with a thumbprint be a descendant of one of these 5 mares? Probably not. However, these 5 mares would have been arabians. This breed has been cross bred with many other breeds over the centuries. 3 arabian stallions were also the foundation stallions of the thoroughbred, which has gone on to contribute genes to different breeds all over the world.

Scottie’s Thumbprint

Scottie has a thumbpring on his right shoulder. The photo doesn’t do it justice, but it also fits my thumb!

Scottie's thumbmark

Last Updated on 01/09/2023

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