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5 money can’t buy keys to equestrian success

an equestrian jumping a horse over an oxer. 5 keys to equestrian success

Horses are an expensive business and it’s hard to argue that having deep pockets doesn’t give you an advantage in the horse world. But no matter your finances, there are 5 things that are key to equestrian success in any sport or career, that won’t cost you a penny.

1. Love & Passion

Owning, riding and competing horses is more than just a hobby, it is a lifestyle. This is especially true for those who want to have a career in horses. You need to live and breathe it. Having love for horses and passion for your sport or career is what will keep you going through everything. This is what will keep you going that extra mile. You either have this love and passion, or you don’t. You can’t buy it.

2. Hardwork

You really need the passion, because looking after and working with horses takes blood, sweat and tears. No matter what your involvement or goals with horses are, it is physically and emotionally hard work. You have the physical demands of looking after, training, exercising these beautiful animals. And you have the emotional demands of nursing them through injuries and sickness, having to make hard decisions when deciding what is best for them. But the best horse people, are the ones who go through this, all of this.

3. Patience

Horses aren’t machines. Most enjoy working with us and are eager to please. But a successful horse person has patience. You need patience when training a horse. They won’t develop into a top athlete overnight. They need time to mentally understand what you are asking them to do and to physically develop in order to do it. A good horseman understands this and works towards their goals at the horse’s pace, not their own. You also need patience to help deal with the setbacks that will happen.

4. Sense of humour

Horse’s have a knack of picking the worst moments to pick up an injury or lose a shoe. It will be frustrating and sometimes devistating. So a good sense of humour is vital. Understanding that things go wrong, plans get ruined, goals get pushed back. That’s life. Being able to get over these let downs and even see the funny side will help you cope with the disappointment. There will be other days, other occasions.

5. Listen

Listen to your horse. If you take the time to know your horse, you will start to notice when they are trying to tell you something. Sudden changes in behaviour are nearly always them trying to tell you something. If they suddenly start refusing jumps, they aren’t being naughty. They might be in pain somewhere, they might have lost their confidence. If your calm horse suddenly turns into a spooky monster, he is telling you something has changed. Yes it could be something as simple as his diet isn’t working for him. Or it could be routine changes have made him anxious or uncomfortable.

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Last Updated on 13/10/2023

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