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All clear to start riding again!

Top tips for surviving pen rest, Scottie meeting his neighbours

This morning Scottie had his check up with the vet and we got the news we have been waiting for, we can start thinking about getting back on!

We are on week 4 of hand walking, now doing 25 minutes every day – even in the pouring rain! We have been slowly increasing his time out in the pen, he is now pretty much out all day and the pen is getting bigger every few days.

Today we had a trot up, on the hard in a straightline and a quick lunge on the soft. Scottie is sound on a straight line and on the left rein. He is a tiny bit off on the right rein, but baring in mind that 3 months ago he was non weightbaring, he has made a huge improvement. We also did another ultrasound to see how the tendon is healing. There was absolutely no sign of the injury on the scan, even when we took them from the exact same angles etc. So this is great news!

Our next step is to get back on and slowly increase his workload. Ideally this would be hacking in straightlines. But since Scottie is a jogger on a hack, we will be making do in the school. I’m going to get his back checked before I get back on, so will keep going with the hand walking in the meantime.

Last Updated on 20/10/2023

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