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Paris Dixie Retiring

Introducing Paris Dixie. Credit The Owners Group

This is bitter sweet for me to share with you today, but Paris Dixie is retiring from racing.

She was the first racehorse I ever bought a share in, all the way back in 2019 and I have had multiple shares in horses with the Owners Group ever since. I wouldn’t have had a lot of the great experiences I have over the past few years without her.

I’ve had my ups and downs with her. She had a promising start to racing, winning a bumper. But she seemed to struggle over fences. She had a few disappointing seasons, not winning, when she seemed very capable. That being said, she didn’t disgrace herself, placing in some competitive mares races.

She had a change of scenerey and moved yards to Anthony Honeyball. She seemed to really enjoy it there and managed to get her first win over fences towards the end of her first season with him. However, when she came back after her holiday, she seemed to have lost all enthusiam for racing.

After getting a full MOT from the vet, she was given the all clear. Based on her being in fantastic condition and there not being an underlying issue causing her not to perform in her races, the decision was made to retire her from racing. She is currently enjoying a quiet time in the field before she starts some retraining, with the hope to find her a new home as a riding horse.

Last Updated on 27/10/2023

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