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Have you updated your ex racehorse’s passport yet? Whetherbys announce Passport Amnesty

Class 192 The Tattersalls RoR Open Ridden Show Series Final Flat The Al Shira’aa Hickstead Derby Meeting June 2022 © Copyright Hannah Cole Photography. All rights reserved.

Earlier this year, the British Racing’s Horse Welfare Board released the Thoroughbred Census. The aim of this census is to improve the tracibility of horses leaving the racing industry to help inform future welfare decisions. All ex racehorse owners in the UK should take the time to add their horse’s details.

Before the census (which has now reached 4,500 submissions) the only way to trace a horse leaving racing was by owners updating their horse’s passport details after buying them. Despite it being law that new owners should update the details in a horses passport within 30 days of purchasing, it is estimated that only 20% of owners are doing so.

To encourage more owners to update the ownership details in their horse’s passport, Whetherbys have announced a Passport Amnesty for November, letting owners update their details for free. It usually costs £32.

So if you haven’t updated your ex racehorse’s passport yet, check you meet this criteria and you can do it for free!

  • The horse has formerly been registered with a British licensed trainer or has competed on a British racecourse.
  • The owner has completed the 2023 Thoroughbred Census for the horse for which they are completing the change of ownership.
  • Completed form and passport must be received by Weatherbys General Stud Book between 1 November 2023 and 30 November 2023.
  • Horses with an FEI passport are NOT eligible to participate.
  • Change of ownership for breeding purposes will NOT be eligible for the amnesty.
  • Only the first 500 submissions will be eligible for the amnesty.

Want to add your horse to the Thoroughbred Census? You can do so here. It is open until 31st December.

Information on updating your horse’s passport details can be found here.

Last Updated on 03/11/2023

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