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Champion Sandringham full length riding coat review

Sandringham full length riding coat

This year I finally accepted that my favourite, light weight, Mark Todd jacket I have had for 15 years just wasn’t waterproof anymore. I knew I needed to replace it. I have plenty of thicker coats, but I was really lacking a light weight, waterproof coat with a hood. I had also just got a lovely new Le Mieux coat I wanted to keep clean for work/going out. I knew if I didn’t find myself a new yard coat soon, I would end up wearing my nice new coat to the yard. So I started to do some research and bought myself the Sandringham full length riding coat by Champion.

It’s a great waterproof coat

On the whole, I’ve been really impressed with the Sandringham full length riding coat. We have had such a huge range of weather the past few months from mild sunny days to gale force winds and rain. This coat has been perfect. It’s light weight enough that on those wet but mild days chucking it on over a t-shirt keeps me dry without getting too hot. I knew it was lightweight, so I sized up so that I could fit extra layers on underneath. But so far a thermal base layer and/or a thin bodywarmer underneath is all I have needed to stay toasty. When the temperature really drops I expect I might need a bit more padding.

It’s a very comfortable coat for around the yard, walking the dog and riding. The two way zip and adjustable vent at the back make it super easy going from yard jobs to riding. I also really like that it is lined throughout. Sometimes these lightweight jackets can feel sticky and clammy in mild rain. But the lining does a great job of stopping this from happening.

Sandringham full length riding coat

Great Options

This coat comes in three colours; navy, brown and plum. It also comes in sizes 10 to 20. I think it comes up true to size but I would recomend sizing up if you plan on wearing it over winter. This just allows you to add some layers without it being a squeeze.

Incredible Price

I picked this coat up from New Forest Clothing for just £34.95 cut down from £59.95! I think this is a fantastic price for this coat.

Any problems so far?

Despite how much I love this coat, there are a few minor issues I have had with it. The first being when it is really wet, if I don’t do up all the buttons, some water manages to run to the bottom of the zip and I get slightly damp legs. But if I actually remember to do all the buttons up, including those below the zip, this stops happening. The other minor issue I have is some of the stitching isn’t as strong as it could be. I’ve just noticed a small hole forming in the pocket I tend to put my phone in. I’m guessing it’s from pushing too much into my pockets. I think this is partly due to how cheap the coat is. But for the price I paid, I am more than happy to overlook these small issues in return for a great waterproof yard coat at a really reasonable price.

Last Updated on 15/03/2024

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