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Well deserved retirement plans for a few horses

owners group horses wouldubewell and paris dixie on their holidays

It’s been an eventful winter so far for the racehorses I have shares in through the Owners Group and I have two pretty big updates to share, including the retirement of two of my horses.


Asdaa has been a fantastic horse to have a share in. He has run regularly, often placing and with a win rate of 11%. He hasn’t been one to have set backs or accidents. He started 2023 with a couple of wins in January. But as the year went on, he slipped down the weights, finding it harder and harder to be competitive. He turned 8 this year and the decision was made to retire him while he was fit and happy, able to go on to do something else.

He will be going to Samantha Brown, daughter of Julie Camacho, for some retraining and to find him his new home as a riding horse. I look forward to hearing how he is getting on, I think he will be a super riding horse for someone. While I would have loved to see him race for another season or two, he fully deserves his retirement and a chance to find a new career.


After a slightly disappointing season last year where Wouldubewell never quite got going as she had in previous years, we hoped this season would be the one she could redeem herself. However, the fantastic team at Emma Lavelle’s noticed she wasn’t quite right just before Christmas. Despite being sound and comfortable, the vet found a small tendon injury. This meant she would be out of action for the next year.

By the time Wouldubewell would be able to return to the racecourse she would be 11 and the team felt that it wouldn’t be in her best interests to return her to the long, gruelling races she enjoys at that age. So the decision was to retire her.

Since she had been a very good mare, placing 6th in the Welsh National last year, the decision was made to send her to stud. I am looking forward to seeing the type of foal she produces.

Invincible Love

Invincible Love has been working well at his pretraining yard. He has been very straightforward and easy to do. It has just been announced that he will be heading off to Charlie Johnston soon with the hopes of seeing the racecourse later this year. I’m looking forward to seeing how he progresses.

Last Updated on 12/01/2024

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