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EQUISHOX ~ Reducing Concussion Forces in Racehorses’ Legs

EQUISHOX rubber racing shoes

Are traditional metal horseshoes inadvertently contributing to discomfort and potential injury in racehorses? Maybe. We know that the rigid nature and weight of a metal shoe can increase concussion forces in horses’ legs, potentially overshadowing the benefits the shoe offers a horse. But fear not, because EQUISHOX is here to offer a promising new alternative.

Developed by former top British jockey Robert “Choc” Thornton, EQUISHOX is a revolutionary rubber horseshoe designed to tackle this issue head-on. Partnering with farrier Aron Tyler and innovative manufacturer Öllöv, Thornton set out to create a lightweight and versatile alternative to traditional metal shoes.

EQUISHOX boasts a range of key features that set it apart from its metal counterparts. First and foremost is its exceptional impact absorption capabilities. The advanced rubber lining of EQUISHOX acts as a shock absorber, significantly reducing the force of impact on the hooves during each stride. This crucial aspect minimizes stress on joints and hooves, allowing racehorses to perform at their best without compromising their welfare.

EQUISHOX rubber racing shoes

Furthermore, EQUISHOX offers enhanced control with its bespoke tread pattern, ensuring stable footing on both hard and racing surfaces. This reduces the likelihood of slips or falls, safeguarding both the horse and jockey during races.

But that’s not all – EQUISHOX is also lightweight and durable, unlike traditional horseshoes. Its rubber-coated design is flexible, allowing more natural movement of the hoof. This added flexibility decreases the risk of discomfort and potential injury during rapid accelerations and tight turns.

Moreover, EQUISHOX has been proven to reduce the likelihood of self-injury by overreaching and striking during training and racing. The unique rubber coating offers relief and promotes quicker recovery times from various back, leg, and hoof issues.

In conclusion, EQUISHOX represents a significant advancement in equine hoof care technology. Not only that, it highlights that there are those in the racing industry who are actively looking for solutions to continue to improve horse welfare.

Last Updated on 08/03/2024

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