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New Jumps Mare and More Goodbyes

Presenting Doy

The last 12 months have seen a lot of changes to my Owners Group stable. There have been some exciting developments and a few happy goodbyes.

Chez Hans Retiring

Chez Hans was a fantastic horse to have in my stable. He spent one season constantly winning back to back before suffering a small injury. With a long rehab he made a full recovery. But perhaps due to his age, he struggled returning to racing afterwards. Early on in his training he had a few foot issues that needed some more careful managing. Once he was fit enough to return to the racecourse, the ground wasn’t quite to his liking and he found it a hard slog around. Since then he had been working nicely and plans were being made for his next appearance. But after suffering a nose bleed during his routine training, the decision was made that enough was enough.

He had been a great horse and while he was still enjoying his work, his body was finding it harder now. While I think he could have continued with the right management and enjoyed another season or two racing, it’s always better to retire them early than too late. He is now enjoying some down time before hopefully finding a new home as a ridden horse.

Introducing: Presenting Doy

After Chez Hans retirement, I was left with no jumps horses in my stable. I have always really enjoyed the jumps and while Wouldubewell is now a broodmare, it will be several years until her offspring reach the racecourse. Around the time Wouldubewell retired, Presenting Doy became available.

She really reminded me of Wouldubewell. A big mare. A point to point winner. She is also to be trained by Emma Lavelle who speaks very highly of her. With no more jumps horses in my stable, she was a really easy purchase. She’s going to have a quite summer with the aim to go hurdling over the winter to see how she gets on. But she looks the type to go chasing with time.

Last Updated on 26/04/2024

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