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He’s done it again…

We have not had the best 12 months. We had Scottie’s tendon injury, we’ve had 2 abscesses, developed a touch of sweet itch in his girth & armpits. Then to top it off, about a month ago, he went quite lame in his loss of use leg!

He did improve a lot after seeing the farrier and reducing the size of his field. But after 2 weeks he was still 1/10 – 2/10 lame. Speaking with the vet, we felt like he has probably tweaked a tendon, possibly his loss of use injury. But whatever it was, for him to have improved that much, she didn’t believe it was anything too serious and that he maybe just needed a bit more rest to heal.

After a weeks box rest he was pretty much sound. He was a bit stiff/sore on the first trot, even after a few minutes of walk. But our next trots were sound with just the occasional lame step. The box rest seems to have done the trick and he is now finishing his first week of pen rest.

On the whole, he is looking good. He’s possibly a bit lame jogging out to the field in the morning, but has looked sound jogging down the yard on the way in. So I’m not too concerned just yet. My hopes are he comes right with time and careful management and I won’t need to investigate too much to find out what exactly he has done. As he’s no longer insured for anything like that and chances are, our rehab will be the same.

Fingers crossed he’s not out too long as he’s already wondering why he isn’t going out hacking with his friends.

Last Updated on 24/05/2024

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